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When The President Sides With A Dog Killer: Interesting, it must be nice to be so blinded by the sports cash cow, or is Mr. Lurie a personal friend?

So apparently Obama thanked the Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie for giving Michael Vick another chance, now what just astonishes me is that somehow the President has forgotten that this was more than just a dog fighting case, its more than celebrities breaking laws and then lying about it to avoid punishment.

What it is really about is how as a society we can look the other way when its animals involved. Would Mr. Obama be quite so forgiving if it were a child killer they had taken under their mighty wing? I highly doubt it. Would he be endorsing forgiveness if it were a rapist who had done time, and then gone running back to the league?  I say No!

You see when you think of Mr. Vick, the league wants this image to come to mind;

A soft-spoken clean-cut young man ready to “get er done” for his team. What they are so desperately trying to steer away from the public consciousness and memory is the true image of what that “thing” really is, and what “it” is, is a dog killer without a shread of humanity, compassion or the capacity for any real change.

So I will give you a little media overload of my own, can you see a truth there or an attempt to cover up?

So the next time you hear the President congratulating a football team’s owner for giving second chances, maybe we should ask the President to congratulate all the various organizations, rescues, individuals, who donated countless dollars and hours to saving and giving the dogs he habitually abused, neglected, and tortured, a pat on the back for giving those dogs a second chance, not at a useless career, but at life itself! I think their contribution far outweighs anything that Mr. Lurie did, don’t you?

Obama I don’t know who co-ordinates your speeches and media blurbs but brother, you gotta fire that dude! what a stupid and pointless statement to make, Or do you forget that in 2008 when asked what you thought of Michael Vick you said and I quote “He’s an ass!” I guess this is living color proof of the kind of corruption, and money that goes into the sports arena! I say bull shit! and enough! I am sick of watching this turd gobbler made into a victim! I’m sick of the president, a man who is supposed to embody the very best of society, open his mouth without thinking what the repercussion of that would be, and spewing out bile!

Whats next,Vick goes to the Whitehouse?  Honey guess who’s coming to dinner? A dog killer, but don’t worry babe, he’s a changed man!

I think its time for Obama to take a nap, the stress is starting to show.


In light of news that Michael Vick wants to get another dog, for his (AHEM!) rehabilitation……

What does Michael Vick really think of all of us (advocates & supporters of the dogs)?

This is what he showed a reporter that asked him something he didn’t like, probably about his “Dogs” nice to see he’s becoming an upstanding member of society again!

I thought I wouls share this video, there are some graphic images but we must remember to be willing to see the truth, and never forget the horific things that were done to these dogs in his (Care)

We must remember that allowing him to forget what he did, what he allowed others to do, deals an even greater injustice to them, the real victims!


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