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You gotta love the lame people, its not to late to save Tiff for christmas!

STILL 6 MORE HRS TO SAVE TIFF’S LIFE!!!! Tiff has endured the kill shelter for 3 MONTHS, since SEPTEMBER ( that is unheard of) !!!!! She LIVED THROUGH 3 MOS. IN A HIGH-KILL SHELTER! Female, spayed, Red/brindle/white, 50 Lbs, 1 yr. She arrived at the shelter as a “surrender” on 09/18/2010 from NY 10310. Reason stated w…as “NO ANSWER.” (REASON FOR SURRENDER=”NO ANSWER”???? “No Answer” after a year of having the dog??? Helllooooo??? And now they dump her, to be killed? On CHRISTMAS?See More

Merry Christmas to the biggest A-hole on the planet! I hope beating and dumping puppies makes you feel like a real man!

Who ever you are I hope you hide, Because buddy If I ever find you, you are going to get to know a whole new world of hurt! You disgust me, on every level!

Update (12/23)! I have terrible news! 2 of the 4 dogs rescued have now died. The little white pup just died today. There are only 2 that remain. Please God, look after these 2 remaining little ones. They really need you now.

These girls were dumped on the side of the road, put in a box with a garbage bag around it. A good Samaritan saw the bag move and brought them to animal control. Animal control called me this morning and pleaded with me to take them.There were were four originally but one did not make it through the first night. We believe they were severely beaten or more likely bait pups, as their head have bites all over them. Their heads are swollen, full of of puss, and infected. The blue on has a fractured skull as well. As of now they seem happy even though they have been through so much. We believe they are close to 8 weeks old.

Please Call the Hospital Directly to make a Donation for these poor pups Medical Care:
Snowden Grove Animal Hospital
662- 536 -1916
5165 Getwell Road
Southaven, MS 38671

For Pay Pal Donations, here’s the Rescue’s Email:
doxiedglvr@gmail.com (gmail.com)

*Please let the Vet Hospital know that you’re making a Donation towards the 3 pups found in a garbage can, along side of road. Thanks everyone.

Original Link & Info from the Rescue:

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