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A stroll in a shelter can be a very depressing place, sadly I had the freedom to leave.

Ugh! Well let me share this one, I went to a local shelter today to drop off treats for the dogs, and bedding for their smaller pets, and I am immediately struck with this onslaught of sad faces, all wanting a trip home, a place of their own!

Shelters and shelter workers do their very best for the animals others cast aside! The forgotten, the “too busy” victims and those saved from abuse and neglect but I can’t stop this feeling in the pit of my stomach the in living color moment when I realize these animals are truly spending Christmas here!

I find my mind wandering to a dark place for a moment thinking, how can this be? How can so many of them be here? Are there that many heartless people in the world that can drop off a pet like it is nothing? I guess so, because there they are looking up at me, and my heart sinks because I realize they look at me with false hope, thinking I could be their saviour, but sadly I am not, I want desperately to be that for them, every single one of them.

No pet should be in such a cold place on Christmas, my dog will wake up to warm milk and bacon and a fire to sleep in front of while her nose sniffs the turkey cooking all day. That’s what every dog, every cat, every pet, should have that love, a place where they just know they belong, forever, no question! These are the human faces I will see when I am old and I draw my last breath, they will be there holding my paw! Yet these poor cast aways don’t have that and I ache for them!

When will we grow up and wake up and start to treat animals with the same dignity and respect we want, does it really matter that they are not walking on two legs? Does it matter that they cannot speak words? If you look closely you can see every word they are trying to convey, theirs is a subtle language, one of looks and body movements, head bobs and tilts, but the signs are there if you choose to see.

I find that this place should be filled with hope, it is not!  It should be light and happy for these animals,  It is not! I can’t help but notice the animals watching me as I exit the door, I can’t dismiss the looks of want and need in their eyes. I leave feeling sad and empty, but the difference between them and I is I have the freedom to leave, and they do not.

Share your life adopt from a shelter and I assure you you wont regret it, companionship is cool!  There are some pretty special pals waiting to see you!

Share yourself, you wont be sorry!


My little pit project. Oh dear Mr. Hickenlooper and Co., you may have just stepped in something you can’t scrape off!

Please read and for those Pit bull owners, lovers and advocates, enjoy!

I can scarcely contain my absolute joy in the thought that Denver city council is about to squirm in their half assed, lazy bigoted seats, get ready gang the unemployment line awaits!


I wish I was a fly on the wall when this one hits the fan and smears on the wall!


December: Two things….

First I am trying to find a new look for 2011 so bear with me! Opinions welcome, you like?

Second much like all of you I have been swamped this month so please stay with me, once I get through the holidays I have new and exciting things to share!


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