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Just in case you didn’t see these, great videos, should be mandatory in schools, and cabinet meetings!


In the start of the first video, the masked man says “we love these dogs” let me just correct that , they love the “money” these dogs bring them, very simple. Once these dogs became America’s family dog, things changed for the better for them, until…, until the thugs came to town.


Then he says, it’s not like we are committing murder or robbery, please! shut your mouth already!


 These are people who care as much about their dogs, as they do the innocent victims that are attacked on the street when one of their dogs gets loose, not at all!  You don’t see happy well-adjusted pits attacking people on the street, the dogs that do that are they same as any other breed of dog abused and neglected, I was attacked at age three by a Malamute, I received 60-70 stitches I have scars that can be up to three and a half inches in length, I do not blame the dog, I know that the dog was unsocialized, he was not veted on a regular basis, he was abused, and allowed to roam free. I was not the only child this dog attacked, so I ask you who is really to blame here, the dog or the owner?

Now dog fighters are in an entirely different category, they encourage aggression, the beat, starve, instill fear and with hold food, not pillars of the community I assure you!  The fighters in these videos are the primary reason we have BSL!  Neglectful and irresponsible owners take up the slack.

The dogs I have seen who come from fighting rings and neglectful owners look anything but loved to me! and yet you can see what love looks like when you see the responsibility and the care behind the great families that love these dogs and show it by their actions! Are we all to be punished for the actions of thugs and morons?


Special thanks to Jesslyn for always being so willing to share your Romeo with me so I can share him with the world! and thanks for the heads up on this video series, I had heard about them, they are what will change the laws for the better I hope!

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