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Merry Christmas to Lily! I hope you find someone responsible to give her a home before the holidays!


Ador-a-BULL OF THE WEEK: Meet LILY (ID#A884394)!! LILY’S former daddy fell upon very difficult times and has been living out of his car for the past two weeks along with LILY, who he has managed to keep safe and fed…until now 😦 How unbelievably heartbreaking to envision a man living out of his car in this freezing cold weather, t…rying to do right by his dog but realizing that he could no longer meet her very basic needs. And so he was forced to make the ultimate sacrifice by bringing her to the shelter with the sincere hope that someone out there could give his little girl what he could longer provide: warmth, steady meals, safety, and stability. We MUST get LILY into a loving home – for her sake, and for the sake of this man who gave everything he could to protect her, for as long as he possibly could. Sweet LILY IS SO INCREDIBLY LOVED BY VOLUNTEERS who describe this ittie-bittie-pittie as a “lovable cuddle-bug” – simply darling! LILY scored beautifully on her behavior test (a “mild”) and yearns for the warm, gentle touch of a human being. She is 7 years old, though is said to act much younger, and weighs 41 lbs. LILY DOES NOT DESERVE TO DIE IN THAT SHELTER – especially after all she has been through. SHE NEEDS OUR HELP. Please, if interested in adopting LILY, call or go directly to the MANHATTAN ANIMAL CARE AND CONTROL ASAP – and/or let us know ASAP (Shelter info: 320 110th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenue, phone number 212-722-4939). PLEASE CROSS-POST! THANK YOU! 2 bios below.
(**Please note that shelter volunteers have been trying to find this man so that help could be offered to him…so far, no luck. At this point what we DO have is Lily…and she needs us, too, or she will be put down**)

A volunteer wrote: Lilly is the type of dog to stop while walking up stairs, and turn toward you for hugs before continuing. She also loves to play fetch, but seemingly not as much as she likes to hold a tennis ball in her mouth and hug your sides, gazing up at you with a loving mix of play and affection. I was quite surprised to learn that this wasn’t a 2 year-old dog — that instead, Lilly is actually seven. After seven years, Lilly’s owner has fallen on hard times, and cannot afford to feed this adorable brown mini-pittie anymore, so here she is at our shelter. She only weighs 41lbs, and although she may put on a little extra weight (especially in muscle), this tiny girl is as big as she’ll get. A tiny ball of energy, Lilly galloped back and forth across the backyard after her tennis ball for as long as I’d throw it for her, and when I brought her back to her cage, she hopped up and down from a standstill as soon as I closed her cage door, making me extra sad to leave her there. You can’t ask for more love, affection and energy from a 7 year-old, and clearly Lilly still has a lot of years of playtime left in her. As sad as her owner must have been to relinquish her, Lilly will brighten the lives of any family that gives her a new start. She is truly a brown-eyed, red-nosed little treasure.

ADDITIONAL BIO: I wasn’t going to stop for Lilly, because she had already been out and already had a bio, but then she did the most amazing thing: She pressed her entire neck and chest up against the bars to be scratched. Are you kidding me with that kind of cuteness???? Just extraordinary! I knew Lilly’s story, and it is a heartbreaking one in that she and her owner have had to be parted after their lives together due to the owner falling on hard times. He tried so hard to take care of his dog before he had to give her up, and we have all promised to take the best care of her while she is here that we can, in honor of his efforts. But what we’re really, really, really hoping for is that this puppyish sugar cube of sweetness and delight gets back into another home ASAP, where she can live forever in a lap of love, with plenty of chin scratches!See More

Michael Vick, you can talk the talk but….


Now, When Michael says the court doesn’t make him speak out against dog fighting or work with the humane society, that much is true, but the league does, let’s keep in mind that the league, and more specifically, the “Eagles”  are responsible for setting up The Michael Vick Project with BET network, in an effort to smooth out his reputation, they sank a lot of money into this train wreck, and they need to make him over so he is palatable to the general public again.

Do not be fooled by celebrity, and hype, when you feel yourself  leaning toward the Vick train, always remember what he did, remember that this pillar of the community, strangled, electrocuted, beat, burned and shot some of the dogs with his own two hands. Remember the dogs that still have issues to this day, one can never be adopted out without risk, another cowars away from human contact, and another died while having surgery to repair the damage done to her by those same hands!  Personally I am not convinced or impressed with his complete 180, we all want to believe in redemption, and the ability to change, well stop kidding yourselves folks, does a murderer all of a sudden become someone not capable of murder? Does a child molester one day change because he feels bad about it?

The answer is no, they don’t! Anyone with the ability to do things like that, has no capacity for real heart-felt change, I’m sorry the just don’t!  So Michael Vick can talk all he wants about how he is a changed man, blah, blah, blah, it’s all just the con. The con to get you back to the game and spending your money, and that’s all!


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