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You don’t have to give money or save the world, just try and see what you can do!

Anyone can create drastic change with a simple action, you don’t have to be saviour to the world, and you don’t have to turn over your life savings to do it. A very wise man once said if one person, takes their abilities and mixes it with their passion, and uses that to effect change for the greater good, imagine the kind of planet we could have.

Each person can “Pay it forward”  if you will, sometimes the smallest of acts can snowball into something that can change a life, help the planet, ease suffering and save a breed. I don’t expect people to have the passion run as deep for them as I do, and you don’t have to go as far, it would be great, but I’m a realist and every little things counts, donate your time, help a neighbor, walk a dog, clean up your local park, invest in your planet, take things back to when neighbors cared about one another, when we didn’t pollute the planet to excess, to when community and helping out meant something.

I chose to become a Pit Bull advocate because of the lies about them , the way they are being portrayed is unjust and incorrect, and they suffer dearly for our ignorance. I wanted to change that, to help people to see the true American Pit Bull Terrier, the dog that fought in a war, nannied babies, worked farms, did it all at the side of their families and did it gladly just to please. I did it because I have a soft spot, a passion for the breed. and because BSL is wrong.

What you as an individual chose to do or not to do is beyond my control, and I wouldn’t want a say, its you, your life, but we have become a society that doesn’t get involved, one that closes off anything unpleasant, we sit behind computers and feel bad but do nothing to change things or help. It doesn’t matter what anyone is passionate about, what matters is the passion is there, waiting to be let out!

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