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The impact of Denver’s tyrannical Home Rule Authority, and will it be upheld or set ablaze?

**Sorry all, I messed up a previous post; “Denver said no” I have since fixed it, the link is now correct.**

Denver is claiming that they have what is called “Home Rule Authority” because the state legislators had previously passed HB 04-1279  which prohibited local governments from regulating dangerous dogs by specific breeds, now Denver got all up in a bunch, and filed a civil action seeking a ruling that the state constitutions provisions for Home rule authority (thanks in full to Mr. John Hickelooper for hiring a lawyer, yet another constitution bender, to twist the rule to apply to the ban) It allowed Denver’s pit bull ban to supersede HB 04-1279 in 2004, and thus the story begins;

Since then “Hitler” I mean Hickenlooper put the ban into effect and effectively cleansed the city of it’s pit bull population, now they claim that pit bulls were a considerable threat to the public safety, their new spin is that they were given 2 million dollars to aid in the war on gangs and drugs, and said that pit bulls were the gang bangers and drug dealers dog of choice. So you will forgive me John and Co. if I say that surely these groups and the individuals there in are well-known to authorities, so would it have not been more prudent to take the dogs from these individuals, and the various and sundry abusers and neglectful extras in the mix? Any educated person is very capable of deducing that the money allotted for “The war on gangs and drugs” was not fully used for that, come on two million in Denver alone?  anyone that buys that pile really needs to have their head examined, I would love to see a public inquiry into the funding and exactly where it did go because it sure as hell didn’t all go there!

How can they claim these dogs are the threat? We all know that environment and rearing are the factors that determine how these dogs will be, if chocolate labs all of a sudden become the Drug dealer/gang bangers dog of choice are we to assume they will be added to the list? And so on, and so on, and let’s be clear with one thing dog fighters are gang bangers and drug dealers, fighters are just another splinter from the same faction, so again I say bring it on Hickenlooper, what’s next on your shit list?

Denver officials went on to say that pit bull service dogs were not exempt from this rule, well… Federal authorities were extremely clear when they instructed these men and women that they could not deny residents the right to own these dogs, so it has brought about a legal scuffle that should end BSL once and for all, Denver will challenge the home rule, and lose, in fact the link I posted in “Denver said no, I beg to differ” clearly shows the councils own attorney basically assuring them that their butts are about to get fried! Go to that post and forward to 49:55 minutes for the action!

All I can say is I look forward to this major ass kicking, my concern is that the focus is on service dogs, and not the pit bulls as a group or in entirity. We have to remember that hundreds of dogs, most of whom led sedate and uneventful (meaning non aggressive) lives were forcibly removed form their families, hidden from these families, and then euthanized! imagine for a second that it was your poodle, or yorkie, or border collie that was stolen from you and killed and your own city council is vilifying you in the process! How would you feel?

Would you take you dog and run to another district? some people did, as I have said they gave up jobs, homes, lives to save their dogs, what about them? is that the kind of free country you imagined, because I am damn sure it’s not the one our fore fathers died for! They fought to get us, “we the people” those rights and now out of laziness they are being stolen and most people do nothing! Good grief, do they have to take your children before you will act?

Now is the time, time to band together and kick ass on BSL as a whole! it’s time to push the efforts towards “the people” and away from these poor dogs! if you like your freedoms, if you like to choose, and if you want to keep it that way you better get in the game people! If  “Home Rule Authority” can be applied to a dog ban, what else can a crooked or slimy politician use it for? what else can they indiscriminately remove from you without debate? better think about it folks and stand up!


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