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Frida, dear sweet Frida needs our help, please dont let her become just another statistic!

From the desk of Bruised Not Broken. I just have to give them a shout out! You guys are awesome! I will do my best to pass this along, and folks, lets get this viral and save this gorgeous girl! Just because her former owner gave up doesn’t mean we have to!

Meet FRIDA (ID#A883042)!! WE NEED TO ACT FAST – THIS RED-NOSE DOLL IS IN DANGER. This STUNNING 2-year-old beauty has escaped the euthanasia list on a few different occasions for reasons no one can understand – though perhaps this has happened because she is JUST NOT READY TO DIE. It is not her time to go – and we MUST get her OUT! … As one volunteer indicated, FRIDA seems to be caught in some “heinous limbo” – in between being very alive and lovely, to being “threatened” by being added to the euthanasia list at any moment for having kennel cough. So sad 😦 When gorgeous FRIDA entered the shelter, she was rated “mild” on her behavior – which is WONDERFUL!! I had the privilege of meeting her at the shelter on Friday, and in spite of the fact that she (like all the other souls inside) had been forced to endure the confines of a cage for who-knows-how-long, she was friendly and so, so happy for human attention. THERE IS CURRENTLY A $500 SPONSORSHIP ON FRIDA FOR ANY APPROVED RESCUE GROUP THAT WILL PULL HER! Please, WE NEED TO GET HER OUT OF THAT SHELTER AND INTO A LOVING HOME! If interested in FOSTERING/ADOPTING this VOLUNTEER FAVORITE, please call or go directly to the MANHATTAN ANIMAL CARE AND CONTROL ASAP – and/or let us know ASAP! (Shelter info: 320 110th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenue, phone number 212-722-4939). PLEASE CROSS-POST! THANK YOU! Bio below:
A Volunteer Wrote: Little red FRIDA is a hilariously wiggly little girl who wiggles to let you know she needs to go out. This volunteer thought she was too funny to pass by, and learned that all the wiggling was because she was waiting until she got outside to ‘go.’ Having established that important communication, she was free to check out the neighborhood. Frida is 2 years old and weighs 47 lbs. She earned the behavior rating of “mild” on admittance to the shelter, and her olive green-gold eyes take you in intently. Frida needs a little bit more leash experience; in her eagerness to enjoy an unseasonably warm November day, she got ahead of her companion, but by the end of the walk she was sticking closer to my side. This darling girl is laugh-inducing in her enthusiasm for just being alive. She will animate any home with her high spirits!
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Denver said no, but I beg to differ, this is great news! Now the big guns come out!

Denver City council, I think Hickenlooper is going down! but that’s just one girl’s opinion! check this out, it’s a slow start but be patient,


Once home rule is slapped down and the ADA steps up, again, then it goes Federal, and the ban goes by the wayside!



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