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Meet Sparkle, wont you let her sparkle up your days? please read and share!

From the desk of Bruised not Broken***URGENT – THIS DOG ONLY HAS TODAY TO MAKE IT OUT*** Meet SPARKLE (ID# 882297)! This stunning beauty RECEIVED THE BEST POSSIBLE SCORE ON HER BEHAVIOR TEST – A “NO CONCERN”!! And she’s wearing a pretty pink scarf! This 4-year-old angel is located at the BROOKLYN ANIMAL CARE AND CONTROL, and TODAY IS HER LAST DAY TO MAKE IT OUT. P…lease, if interested in welcoming this lovely lady into your home, CALL or GO DIRECTLY TO THE BROOKLYN SHELTER ASAP, and/or let us know ASAP. The shelter is located at 2336 Linden Boulevard, Brooklyn, NY 11208/ phone number 718-272-7201, keep pressing 0 until an operator picks up. While BNB has not met SPARKLE, we are receiving e-mail upon e-mail from shelter volunteers who are DESPERATE to see her make it! WE CANNOT LET SPARKLE GO DOWN – she deserves so much more than this. According to one volunteer, SPARKLE “is just perfect”. We’ve also been told that there is a $300 SPONSORSHIP TO ANY APPROVED RESCUE GROUP THAT CAN PULL SPARKLE! Please cross-post! THANK YOU!See More



***Update*** this gorgeous boy still needs a little help, please read and share!

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UPDATE: I am begging that ANYONE who crossposted the original message (below) also crosspost this update. It ended up on Facebook and oftentimes those postings are NOT updated. Animal Control was inundated with calls and asked me to help as she is both inexperienced with pit bulls AND placing dogs. I put my contact information out there, but her phone has not stopped ringing. Being at work today without access to my contact list, I was limited in what I myself could do. My phone too rang quite a bit.

What has been accomplished is that there is a pit bull rescue in PA who has offered to put this dog into boarding until either a foster or RESCUE can be found. I have arranged with another concerned animal lover, transport to said rescue. He should be picked up tomorrow. I have put all 3 people into contact with one another. I am asking that should a foster for the rescue who stepped up NOT be found, those that have expressed interest follow this story and still HELP if they need it with fostering etc. He is a young and incredibly nice-looking dog and that I’m sure that contributed to the interest in this story.

A LOT of individuals have contacted both AC and myself, but please understand that a rescue backing this dog is what is needed. He is NOT neutered, nor fully temperament tested. We simply cannot release him to anyone who calls “wanting to adopt him.” With the dogs I have here already, I simply cannot provide this lifetime commitment at this time.

I am praying that both a life got saved in this endeavor AND some attention has been brought to Berwick and Columbia County’s issue of dealing with strays. There is NOWHERE for them to go. No one even picks up cats – call the Danville SPCA and tell them you found a cat. They will tell you there is a 14 month waiting list and to take it home, let it loose, and “not to feed it.” Dogs (if one of the 2 runs, in a public place where anyone can approach, with dirt flooring spreading disease from previous inhabitants, is open) they get some time. If not? Then what? There is nowhere for them. I’ve been petitioned for a shelter and told it wasn’t necessary (by Columbia County Commissioners). That is because our previous ACO had a lot of contacts, a FARM, and was able to buy them some more time. We don’t have that now. And it shouldn’t be placed on one person anyway.

Thank you, and please do spread this update far and wide.

Shannon Talanca

More urgents, be an angel this christmas, and get a new best friend too!

 Please see the whole album for all the dogs!  Jan Winkle‘s album.

MURRAY COUNTY GA. 104175 Gorgeous 10-mo-old pit bull boy is gently playful and loves people. We believe a child struck this precious boy with an object, but he is healing now. These sweet pups are set to be PTS THIS Friday at dawn at the Murray Shelter… in Chatsworth, GA (just north of Atlanta and just south of Chattanooga , TN ). We MUST know by TONIGHT (11pm) Thur, 12/2 who has rescue. Please help them live. CONTACT Lisa Hester, volunteerlisakhester@bellsouth.net770-441-0329- and – Megan 706-260-5251 (daytime Tu, Thur, Fri)706-695-8003rescue_angel_7@yahoo.com – and -Pauline Davis ac2mcac@yahoo.com 706-463-2194, Text messages only – and – Starla saveapetmc@yahoo.com706-695-8003 ASAP
Thanks Jan!

Calling all New Yorkers!!! please help goldie get a home she will be destroyed tomorrow, I just got this info so lets act fast!

We need an
adopter or long term foster for this girl. The person that took the
kittie is not stepping forward to take Goldie too. I think everyone is
trying too hard to get her to take Goldie and time is being wasted.
Please, someone save her, She WILL die tomorrow : (

Brooklyn Center

My name is GOLDIE. My Animal ID # is A882783.
I am a female tan and white pit bull.

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