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Attention All Rescues:Do Not Adopt to Dawn Bechtold, and this is why;

This is all her alias’:


Various links from others that have had dealings with her:


Must read:


and here’s  where she claims to know Tanya Tucker, to get “Donations” for her; not a 501 (c) group!


this is a picture of Dawn aka whatever name she is currently using:

DISCLAIMER: ****I do not take credit for these articles, they have been posted by others in an attempt to stop this woman! ***** but in an  effort to save countless lives, to stop innocent dogs from being sold to labs  I am posting this.  to be fair, any pages or alerts you see here, do not indicate any partnerships or agreements between myself and the original posters, it is meant to educate the public.  so again I urge you to do your own research!*******

Thank you



Stories like this must really piss of the haters!

http://abcnews.go.com/US/video/family-dogs-saves-girl-fox-attack-12249930 Yet another Pit Bull in the news…. in a good way, this ladies and gentlemen is what comes from responsibility and love!

So there really are angels! Anna’s story of a poor little dog that needs our help!


I was driving home after picking up my son & boyfriend from the bus depot in Allentown on Hamilton Ave. When reaching Martin Luther King Blvd intersection – I saw a little dog running in the street – immediately SLAMMING on my brakes & all of us jumping out into traffic to help this dog. I almost got hit by a car myself – trying to get the car to stop before it hit the dog… dog was “bumped” by the tire but managed to escape – my son & boyfriend went after it & I jumped back in my truck to catch up & manage moving traffic. We lost each other for a few minutes & then I spotted my son. As soon as I jumped out of my truck, my cell phone rang – it was my son. I saw them down the block by curb & already knew… my son’s words were “Mommy – it’s a wrap”… I asked if the dog was hit & he sais “yes & the guy did it on purpose”. He went on to explain that every car stopped because the dog was in the street & there was another good samaritan that was directing (stopping) traffic but this guy just kept on going where all the other cars had stopped. The good samaritan stopping traffic was a Parole Agent in the Allentown District of PA. I found out a few minutes later that a Detective stopped & ran over when my son & boyfriend were trying to help the dog immediately after being hit, flashing his shiny gold badge & all – but when he realized it was “only a dog” responded by stating “oh that’s all”? & going on his merry way.

The poor dog was dragged a good 15 feet before the guy stopped & that was only because my son & boyfriend were chasing after him & yelling.

I rushed the dog to the nearest vet, praying that she wouldn’t die before we got help & begging her to hold on… she had a collar but no tags or microchip. She is pretty banged up & we have her stabilized at this point. I’m waiting to hear the results of the xrays as the vet stated that the priority is to stabilize her & keep her comfortable. The hospital is aware that I am not the owner – just trying to do the right thing. Have searched CraigsList for a lost dog matching her description. Again – she needs our help… & will need a home if she has the strength to pull through, everyone is pulling for this girl… I feel blessed that the vet is willing to “work with me” but need your help & support to cover these medical costs.

If you would like to send funds directly or call & check on her — she listed as F-DogHitByCar MLKBLVD in their computer systems. Hospital contact:

Dr. Karen Hess

827 W. Wyoming St.

Allentown, PA 18103

Big thanks to Anna and her family, what a rescue! you are all her angels, I’m sure!

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