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Gulity Of Loving A Pit Bull

The stigma attached to owners of pit bulls, staffys, cane corso, or any pit mix really, is felt greatly by their owners, and yet many traverse through the bigotry with their heads held high! And Kudos to all of you for doing it!

think about the last time you saw a pit bull walking down the street….. what did you think? “Oh god!”  and  “I better get the hell outta here!” Or did you think “What a sweet looking dog, look how he holds his head up, wagging his tail at everybody!” and “What a gorgeous dog, I’d love to pet her!”  Did you cross the street or talk to the owner?

I find it particularly funny how we judge in society, I have tattoos now sometimes I cover them up and other times I don’t, when I go to my daughters school, if I wear shorts in the summer my ankle tattoo shows and I get some pretty nasty looks from some parents and even a couple of teachers, one of my neighbours told their daughter she couldn’t play here because we were drugs dealers. Nice huh?

So I can relate to how these owners feel, in more ways than just one. People look at them, and their dogs and immediately judge them as bad or wrong in some furtive way, when the majority of pit bulls owners whether tattooed or not are just like you and I, I’m sure some are pillars in their community, and some are not, just like you and I.

I like to think the tattooed people are cooler, but hey, I’m bias har har har! I have a pretty keen sense of people, I can usually tell within the first 10-15 minutes of meeting someone what they are all about, but I don’t judge anyone, especially based on their dog or the tattoos.

As I have said in previous posts, I was attacked by a malamute when I was three years old, and that malamute looked very friendly, it was at that time a trusted family breed, and when people saw that dog they didn’t cross the street, but statistically, that dog is much more likely to attack a random stranger than a pit bull is, and there in lies the myth factor and the fear mongering that the media has placed on these dogs and their owners.

A friend of mine was attacked by a golden lab, after the attack no one called for the dog to be destroyed, people didn’t cross the street. SIIIIIGH!!!!!!

Guilty for loving a pit bull…, well if that’s true than I must be the poster child for life behind bars, Yes, me, a mother, a successful business owner, a wife, and an advocate. So what are you guilty of? Do you love your dog no matter what body shape he or she has? Do you really care about the breed? Do you get looked at funny and asked if you can take your dog to “Another” dog park, just because of how he or she looks? If so than I guess you to can relate.

If not than you are lucky or blessed or maybe fortunate enough not to have to endure that, You may ask “Then, why own a pit bull, there are lots of other dogs you could choose?”  To that I can only say you will never understand unless you have spent time around a pit bull or you know someone who has one, you can never understand why I would choose to go through that. I walk those waters because there is no greater dog!  No other dog with the ability to never question or doubt their love for you, and it makes you want to be the very best you can be for them, at least if you are responsible that’s how you feel, EVERYDAY!

So the next time you cross paths with a pit bull, talk to the owner say something like “Hey nice dog!” and you will be surprised what you get in return, if you play your cards right you may just get to know the best dog in the world! The Pit Bull.


and to the haters out there, the ones that just hate everything, and everyone, because they can… Rest assured that no one give a shit! and have a great day!


If you like Metal, if you wanna check out Denver, if you live in Denver,then you are going to love this!

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A fourth call to owners and fosters, why are you not stepping up?

I have posted several times now, a request for owners of pit bulls, staffies, and pit mixes to get in the game and help change the image of these dogs, I have had a couple of responses, and to those people, thank you very much! You are dedicated to saving your dogs and repairing their reputations, you are awesome examples of caring committed owners! As for the rest of you, and I know there are thousands of you out there,  COME ON! GET INVOLVED!  This is a chance to change minds forever! I know documentaries have been done about pit bulls before, but I want to show these dogs at home, at play, at the beach, in therapy situations any positive interactions  you can come up with! I am changing the documentary a bit, I will still take stories but video does have a greater impact so PLEASE, get on board here!!!!!  BSL or breed bans could creep their way into your town, and like it or not the truth is your dog will be seized and euthanized! Think about that for a moment……

Imagine your dog alone in a room with a stranger strapped to a table, screaming inside their heads for you to come save them! Then the needle is inserted and its now too late for you to take action!  Your best friend is dead! Gone forever because you did not let your voice be heard, remember your dog would put its very life on the line to help you out!

I’m sorry , some may not like the way I worded that, but it is the absolute truth, if you don’t believe me talk to some owners in Denver, or Ontario, or the UK and they will tell you I speak the truth!

Please make your video it can be anywhere from 5-10 minutes in length, you can email your submissions to or

All I ask is that you do it! Do this one simple act to save your dog! Again, pictures, videos, and stories will gladly be accepted, please include your name, you dogs name, and contact info, all info will be kept confidential and will NOT be given out to ANY third parties, it is only so when I have the documentary ready we can get some of you who may be interested in be on camera for extra impact!

PLEASE DO IT TODAY, pass this post on to anyone you may know that has a pit bull, or staffy or pit mix and get them on board! Share it on Facebook do whatever you can to get this viral and get this ball moving!

Thank you!


What’s next for pit bulls? What future do you see?

Everytime I talk to someone about pit bulls that hasn’t had the privilege of being in the company of one, usually they will ask me, why would you want to? My answer is always the same, because they are by nature despite what you have probably heard, one of the most loving, loyal and sedate breeds of dog there is, period, end of story.

I urge anyone, to seek out someone who has a pit bull or to spend time walking them at your local shelter, and I assure you it is an experience you will never forget!

pit bull kisses are the best! remember when your mayor, or senator asks what you think, don’t speak before you know what it is you really want to say, because if you have ever been lucky enough to spend time with a well raised pit you will know exactly what I mean! say no to breed bans and BSL!

I hope their futures are filled with long and happy lives in homes with those who know the meaning of a dogs love and devotion, and how to be worthy of it!

I envision a time when people can see past the nonsense and see the truth, that only neglected and abused dogs turn out wrong, and imagine a human deprived of love, companionship, care, and training, who would they turn out to be? 

give pits a chance, see a new year with new chances that reflect the society you want your children to grow up in, I want mine to grow up in a world filled with compassion, strength, trust, and rights! a world where pit bulls and pittie crosses, staffies, and every other breed have the same rights, that’s all.

What future do you see? add a comment, or send me an email I would love to now what all the other advocates and owners out there think!


When The President Sides With A Dog Killer: Interesting, it must be nice to be so blinded by the sports cash cow, or is Mr. Lurie a personal friend?

So apparently Obama thanked the Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie for giving Michael Vick another chance, now what just astonishes me is that somehow the President has forgotten that this was more than just a dog fighting case, its more than celebrities breaking laws and then lying about it to avoid punishment.

What it is really about is how as a society we can look the other way when its animals involved. Would Mr. Obama be quite so forgiving if it were a child killer they had taken under their mighty wing? I highly doubt it. Would he be endorsing forgiveness if it were a rapist who had done time, and then gone running back to the league?  I say No!

You see when you think of Mr. Vick, the league wants this image to come to mind;

A soft-spoken clean-cut young man ready to “get er done” for his team. What they are so desperately trying to steer away from the public consciousness and memory is the true image of what that “thing” really is, and what “it” is, is a dog killer without a shread of humanity, compassion or the capacity for any real change.

So I will give you a little media overload of my own, can you see a truth there or an attempt to cover up?

So the next time you hear the President congratulating a football team’s owner for giving second chances, maybe we should ask the President to congratulate all the various organizations, rescues, individuals, who donated countless dollars and hours to saving and giving the dogs he habitually abused, neglected, and tortured, a pat on the back for giving those dogs a second chance, not at a useless career, but at life itself! I think their contribution far outweighs anything that Mr. Lurie did, don’t you?

Obama I don’t know who co-ordinates your speeches and media blurbs but brother, you gotta fire that dude! what a stupid and pointless statement to make, Or do you forget that in 2008 when asked what you thought of Michael Vick you said and I quote “He’s an ass!” I guess this is living color proof of the kind of corruption, and money that goes into the sports arena! I say bull shit! and enough! I am sick of watching this turd gobbler made into a victim! I’m sick of the president, a man who is supposed to embody the very best of society, open his mouth without thinking what the repercussion of that would be, and spewing out bile!

Whats next,Vick goes to the Whitehouse?  Honey guess who’s coming to dinner? A dog killer, but don’t worry babe, he’s a changed man!

I think its time for Obama to take a nap, the stress is starting to show.


In light of news that Michael Vick wants to get another dog, for his (AHEM!) rehabilitation……

What does Michael Vick really think of all of us (advocates & supporters of the dogs)?

This is what he showed a reporter that asked him something he didn’t like, probably about his “Dogs” nice to see he’s becoming an upstanding member of society again!

I thought I wouls share this video, there are some graphic images but we must remember to be willing to see the truth, and never forget the horific things that were done to these dogs in his (Care)

We must remember that allowing him to forget what he did, what he allowed others to do, deals an even greater injustice to them, the real victims!


You gotta love the lame people, its not to late to save Tiff for christmas!

STILL 6 MORE HRS TO SAVE TIFF’S LIFE!!!! Tiff has endured the kill shelter for 3 MONTHS, since SEPTEMBER ( that is unheard of) !!!!! She LIVED THROUGH 3 MOS. IN A HIGH-KILL SHELTER! Female, spayed, Red/brindle/white, 50 Lbs, 1 yr. She arrived at the shelter as a “surrender” on 09/18/2010 from NY 10310. Reason stated w…as “NO ANSWER.” (REASON FOR SURRENDER=”NO ANSWER”???? “No Answer” after a year of having the dog??? Helllooooo??? And now they dump her, to be killed? On CHRISTMAS?See More

Merry Christmas to the biggest A-hole on the planet! I hope beating and dumping puppies makes you feel like a real man!

Who ever you are I hope you hide, Because buddy If I ever find you, you are going to get to know a whole new world of hurt! You disgust me, on every level!

Update (12/23)! I have terrible news! 2 of the 4 dogs rescued have now died. The little white pup just died today. There are only 2 that remain. Please God, look after these 2 remaining little ones. They really need you now.

These girls were dumped on the side of the road, put in a box with a garbage bag around it. A good Samaritan saw the bag move and brought them to animal control. Animal control called me this morning and pleaded with me to take them.There were were four originally but one did not make it through the first night. We believe they were severely beaten or more likely bait pups, as their head have bites all over them. Their heads are swollen, full of of puss, and infected. The blue on has a fractured skull as well. As of now they seem happy even though they have been through so much. We believe they are close to 8 weeks old.

Please Call the Hospital Directly to make a Donation for these poor pups Medical Care:
Snowden Grove Animal Hospital
662- 536 -1916
5165 Getwell Road
Southaven, MS 38671

For Pay Pal Donations, here’s the Rescue’s Email: (

*Please let the Vet Hospital know that you’re making a Donation towards the 3 pups found in a garbage can, along side of road. Thanks everyone.

Original Link & Info from the Rescue:

New Years Eve is here…How do you invision 2011?

I envision 2011 in many ways, first my hope is that dogs of any breed spend this year in happy loving  homes, I hope animal owners everywhere understand the impact and responsibility that comes with pet ownership. I don’t care if you own a monkey, a dog or an elephant, just take the responsibility seriously.

I see 2011 as a new beginning for us all, a chance to set right the wrongs of the past year, I feel very strongly that we can make a difference in the world, look around you, are you truly happy with what you see? Do you really want this to be the legacy that we leave to our children?  Or do you see potential for change?

No matter what you see or choose to put out there for the coming year, do it with an open heart and mind, cast aside your preconceived notions of the world and the creatures that share it with us, and remember we do not have the authority to speak for those without a voice.

I want to extend  a Merry Christmas to you all, all creatures great and small, and yes that includes Pit Bulls, it includes everyone and everything!

Thank you to all my supporters and viewers, without you change would not take place, compassion would be minimal at best, I have received good support and bad but I choose to listen to the good, and respect those who differ in opinion. We all have a voice and each and every voice should be heard! We may not all agree, but we can peacefully co-exist!

So look to the new year with hope and the battles that need to be waged bring it on!  The things that need to be let go of, go fly to the stars and enjoy!

With much love and respect… Happy New Year one and all!


Check this out! Pit Bull Project opens eyes and hearts!

Way to go guys! A job well done!

You will see that there is not one mistreated or aggressive dog in the bunch.  Anyone care to guess why?


All I see are happy pit bulls just hangin’ with their families, and to those families you guys rock! Show the world how wrong they are about these wonderful dogs!


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