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Just a wee babe in need! To find out more see raven woods rescue on facebook!


2912 Hound Mix ~ have you ever seen a sweeter face ?!! Poor little GIRL is just a baby herself,, maybe 6 months old – PLEASE save this baby girl from the Unthinkable !! http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/18021538 If you are on the official approved list at the sh…elter, you may make your offer directly to the director by emailing broomej@floydcountyga.org (@floydcountyga.org) or by calling 706-236-4545. THE SHELTER’S RESCUE COORDINATOR, VICKY, IS AT THE SHELTER FROM 12:30PM THROUGH 5:30PM ON MONDAYS & TUESDAYS. PLEASE CALL VICKY AT 706-236-4545! In order to be approved to pull under your own license from Georgia shelters, you must have a Georgia license. FCAC continues to welcome out of state rescues! Any rescue on the approved list at the shelter can pull animals for you! If you need a referral to a rescue that can pull for you, please contact Ronda at rondawoman22@aol.com (@aol.com). PLEASE BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE WORDS “RESCUE OFFER” IN YOUR SUBJECT LINE SO THAT YOUR PRECIOUS, LIFESAVING OFFER IS NOT MISSED. Volunteers are available to pick up animals from the shelter and take them to local boarding and vet clinics for you! If you need assistance to find someone to pick up animals for you–Ronda at rondawoman22@aol.com (@aol.com). She can also furnish you with the contact information for local vet clinics and boarding options! PLEASE ONLY CALL THE SHELTER CONCERNING RESCUE ON THE CRUCIAL DAYS OF MONDAY AND TUESDAY– ALL OF THE STAFF HOPE THAT AS MANY FCAC ANIMALS WILL BE SAVED AS POSSIBLE– IN FACT, THAT ALL FCAC ANIMALS WILL BE SAVED!!! So that they ask that you keep the phone lines available for rescue calls and for those in the community calling on behalf of animals in need! IF YOU ARE NOT ON THE APPROVED LIST, Please contact Ronda at rondawoman22@aol.com (@aol.com) if you need a referral to a rescue that can pull for you! NOTE FOR RESCUES: THE SHELTER REQUIRES THAT ALL RESCUE REQUESTS BE SENT USING A RESCUE HOLD REQUEST FORM. TO ACCESS A DOWNLOADABLE COPY OF THIS FORM, PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW: http://www.romefloyd.com/CitizenSafety/AnimalControl/RescueGroups/tabid/451/Default.aspx THE RESCUE HOLD REQUEST FORM IS THE FORM HIGHLIGHTED IN RED ON LINE 4 OF THE INFORMATION YOU MUST SUBMIT. If you are an out of state rescue having dogs pulled for you by a rescue on the approved list, please be sure that the rescue pulling for you sends in this form to the shelter! IF THE LINK ABOVE DOES NOT WORK, PLEASE GO TO THE SHELTER’S PETFINDER SITE AT http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/GA305.html AND CLICK ON THE LINK TO VISIT FCAC’s official county government website. The link to necessary forms is at the bottom of the home page under Additional Resources/Rescue Groups! THE FORM CAN BE ATTACHED TO AN EMAIL AND EMAILED TO JASON BROOME AT broomej@floydcountyga.org (@floydcountyga.org) or faxed to 706-233-0032. ♥ Rosie ♥

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Animal wise Radio, very cool indeed!

Very cool link to Animal Wise Radio: you can listen to Animal Wise Radio Network from any audio player that will accept an audio stream ? All you have to do is enter the following url 


Great radio show, very informative!


Is the world full of these losers or what?

Dog fighting is rampant in the world today, In the back alley’s and  in the underground fight clubs, in the big city and in the country, in trunks of cars in the inner cities, everywhere!

It exists in almost every country across the globe, brutality rules I guess!  I have never understood dogfighting and the lure of it, why would any rational person find this entertaining? Brandon Bond (Atlanta Pit Bull Rescue, Owner of All Or Nothing Tattoo, Award Winning Tattoo Artist, and Pit Bull Advocate) for those who don’t know the name, he also was part of the documentary “The lost dogs” he witnessed a dog fight when  he was young and says it was the most disturbing thing he had ever seen and it changed him, well how could it not?

Although I have a hard time understanding why anyone would watch UFC, Cock fighting, Hockey or Boxing either, They are the most archaic of sports, the equivalent to the roman arena’s. Seeing blood spilt in any capacity is disturbing to me in general, and yet accepted in the general public, I am not a hockey fan, and it’s because of the fighting, riddle me this, we teach our children to have good sportsmanship and that fighting is wrong, yet we will pack them up and take them to a hockey game and let them witness grown men fight over a puck!  Why? It sounds a bit hypocritical to me.

Bloodshed sports will not end any time soon, lets just face facts here, however of the sports I mentioned we must understand with great clarity that dog fighting, cock-fighting, and bull fighting, they are NOT sports, and of those only bull fighting is legal, it is watching the torture of an animal until death or exhaustion. we need to own our caveman roots, and then banish them forever.

Why should we live in a society inundated with these images;

Rather than ones of grown men playing fairly at sports, and dogs at play with each other, not war, and sports where fighting results in punishment rather than reward and applause! I know I’m a dreamer, but it sure would be nice!

As Canadians, Americans and Europeans in this day and age we should be above these types of activities and abolish them for good. We should weed out the key players and put them behind bars! I fear that men like; Michael Vick, Purnell Peace, Quanis Phillips, Tony Taylor, James Fricchione, Ummar Ahmed,  Perry Barr, Barkat Hussain, Bilal Mohammed Aldeeb, David Robinson, Anderson Belcher, John Lee, Mark Giles, Joseph Anderson, Geoffrey Jones, Raymond Clayden, Belcher Barnard, Terrence Ball, William Field, Seamen Anderson, John Clark, John Fuller, William Anderson, Paul Hill, and Malcom Cooper, just to name a few, are and or will be back out on the streets soon engaging in the same types of crime or worse! Now Michael Vick is slightly more famous, more for dog fighting than anything else, despite the best efforts of the League and BET network, so I would Imagine that he will keep his nose clean over the next few years at least, if he wants his millions from the league! As for the rest I don’t see anything bright or forthcoming in their careers of choice, if they had any aside from dog fighting and cock-fighting that is.

Now, the men named in this post, you must know that they represent a larger group, do not be fooled this is a network, through to the core, there were dogs seized in a dog fighting ring in Europe that were shipped in from America solely for the purposes of fighting. So it is bigger than we think folks!

If you think you know someone engaging in dog fighting  or even going as a spectator, report it! It is one of the only ways to make this stop! that and through licensing and responsibility Legislation.

The above mentioned names, they are just a few, as I say there are more, many, many more out there! Is the world really full of them? are they your neighbour, your friend, your husband or brother, sister or mom?

I am overwhelmed at the thought of it, but it makes me want to push harder for Legislation to be passed to spare the innocent from a life of torture, abuse, and ultimately death!  As for professional sports, well, I may have to leave that one up for debate and to someone else to change, but think about it, for your kids!

I have published names because these were people who were in fact convicted, and I will say this much, I wouldn’t want my daughter dating someone who is capable of that, would you?


My early Christmas Card for Dogsbite and Hickenlooper.

Merry Christmas to all the haters out there!

 Hey Dogsbite, (aka Colleen Lynn), and a very special shout out to Hitler, (aka John Hickenlooper)  just thought I would share some Christmas pictures with you of pit bulls you didn’t get the chance to kill!

So we thought we would let you know that despite your best efforts we are still going to enjoy christmas with our families this year, and we hope that next year you are in behind bars without your family, in a cold dark cell wondering if today is your day to die!

Happy New Year and remember we have our eyes on you! Why not try make this new year one of peace, love, and respect for ALL living things! Kisses!

-the bulls- & -Apitome-

Collars: The good, the bad, and the just plaine useless.

Having the right collar and fit is essential for your dog, not only for safety, but function, and style as well, that’s right folks dogs like to look cool too! But can you have them both?

Well the answer is apparently you can, if you like leather collars you can find some with detailing that will be strong and work well, as well as looking cool or pretty or you can take any collar of your choosing and add embellishments like a fancy tag, etc.

Now let’s go through some of my picks; (pictures are below comments)

First up is the prong collar, an absolute waste of money and the cruelest of options out there, these collars are absolutely not required to train you dog! I don’t care what anyone tells you they are the worst option available in my opinion, training starts from day one whether you have a puppy or older dog you can still achieve the results you want without resorting to a mid-evil device. The first image is a prong collar fail, this is why they are not encouraged by trained professionals.

Next is the standard choker chain, these ar a safer option to the prong but you do have to watch the positioning of the collar see below. The reason for positioning the collar over the dog’s neck is because if the collar is under and you pull it can lock on the links which can choke the dog, I know but despite the name you don’t want to choke your dog. Some dogs that have been left on chains have caught the links and hung to death, so if you use one do not use it for chaining a dog , or when they are unattended. I will also add that chaining a dog is not recommended for any longer than an hour or so at a time, making the “chain” your dogs babysitter is wrong! and life on a chain sucks for a dog! They are meant to run and play!

Then we have the leather collar, an all around solid option, stronger made for big dogs that like to pull but fit for these is crucial, I will explain later, and they look pretty stylish too!

Next is the head lead collar, I personally do not like these, some experts claim they can injure your dog if you tug too suddenly or to hard. I find them to be a useless option you may get your dogs attention but you are going to piss him off in the process! wouldn’t you be mad if your parents did something like that to teach you?

So here is an example one of my favorite training collars, again an all around good option, it looks like part choker, but the collar itself stops it from closing too far on your dog’s neck, but does apply minimal pressure for training purposes. The base of the collar is nylon.

Then we have the studded collar, not my personal choice I just find they make the bigger dogs look too scary, which only perpetuates negative imagery, but they are just as effective as a standard leather collar, the studs are obviously outside so they don’t hurt the dog, it’s just for show!

Lastly the adjustable nylon collar, works well for fit but not really practical if your dog is in training, or is a “puller”, I have found dogs can easily slip their heads out because as they walk the collar starts to loosen or slip, so one with punch holes and a prong to secure (Much like a belt) as best option in that category.

Now as far as the “Fit” I mentioned above, with any collar you want to be able to get three fingers if they are small like mine or 1 1/2 inch under the collar and between the neck, if you can’t it’s too tight, if you can get more than three fingers it is too loose and the dog can slip it off. measure you dogs neck from the middle and around to that same point but ALWAYS add 2 inches to accommodate growth and for adjustments. and always test it out before you walk your dog, try slipping it off, allow the dog to drink and play with it on to make sure that they can do all their daily activities un-inhibited.

So ultimately the choice is yours to make but there are a few options to see and choose from, if you are still unsure, check with your trainer or vet, they will always give you the best options for your dog. And remember to have fun with it like I say dogs like to look cool too!

NEW ITEM: Fitabull on facebook has some excellent collars for the bully persuasion please check them out Michelle also does custom orders! they are a poly buckle style, very cute!


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