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Berwick’s own needs a home!

Please help this boy out he’s just a baby, and needs a home ASAP!    If you are near Burwick, PA . 

Berwick, Pa

The new Animal Control Officer of Berwick called me yesterday to see if I could help place a pit bull she had found tied to the back of a pickup truck. With a rescue full of all pit bulls and not a single open foster space, I am sadly unable to assist. He is now in one of 2 crudely constructed kennel runs erected by the borough of Berwick. They are outdoor only runs and it is COLD. He is TIED in the kennel so that he can not get to an area in the fencing that has been damaged – this information was given to me by my neighbor who often walks her dogs in the area that the “new” kennels have been constructed. In my personal opinion, it is not safe to have stray/seized dogs kept in an area where anyone can approach, but I digress as there truly is NOWHERE ELSE for the dog (or any others for that matter!!!!!) to go. He is reportedly under a year old and very very friendly. If you or anyone you know can help this dog, please contact Jinece (Animal Control) directly at 570-204-5485 or 570-441-0243. If a home is not found quickly or he is not claimed, he will be euthanized. We are 2 days into the 3 day mandatory hold period. Please remember that there is NO ANIMAL SHELTER that services Berwick or accommodates it’s strays. He’s got a matter of days. If you do contact her and are able to help, please keep me updated. The dog is literally a mile from my home as we speak but I honestly do not have a single space to put him. I am praying SOMEONE does… Shannon Talancawww.straysave.com

Bulls across America and Canada: Owners, its time to unite, change the image and you change a mind!

Hey there all you pit bull owners and advocates! pit bulls, bully’s, mixes, staffy’s I want them all!

I want to find out how many happy responsible pit bull families there are out there. I am hoping to put together a documentary to confirm what we all know and to show the world that ** Pit Bulls rock like new socks baby! Show that they are not the monsters the media has made them out to be, show the truth, show the real pit bull!**

 Share the funny, the loving and even the touching stories you have. Send me your success stories and pictures, videos, anything you have to support responsible ownership! Get your friends with pits involved I need to start compiling evidence that we can use to crush out BSL and I think with what I have in mind this just might do it!

Also anyone that has had their dog seized and euthanized due to BSL please contact me with your stories as well, and I am sorry for your loss.

Send everything to: apitomesblog@shaw.ca Please include a phone number and contact name. Some of you may be contacted to be interviewed on camera, in the future.



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