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A very kind but burned “Lady” needs your help and well wishes!

Burned Lady
*Detroit, MI *
Someone is responsible for a horrific, torturous crime.
On Halloween, a dog was set on fire.

Was this someone’s demented idea of a Halloween prank?
Who in their right mind could knowingly and purposefully inflict
such horror on another living creature? Lady, a Pitbull mix, was doused with gasoline and lit on fire – her small body engulfed with flames. Her frantic barking led her owner and neighbors to her that night.

the owners believed that they could treat the dog’s injuries at home.
But the severity of her burns made her condition continue to worsen as
the days went by. Almost a full week after the burning, her owners contacted the Michigan Humane Society and surrendered her. Now, a
search is underway for the person or persons responsible for this
unbelievable act of cruelty. A $1000 reward is currently offered for
information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible
for Lady’s injuries.

Someone SAW something and someone KNOWS something. The incident occurred in the 15700th block of Dexter near Puritan in Detroit.

If you have *any* information about this crime, please contact the Humane Society’s Cruelty Investigation hotline at (313) 872-3401.*Lady, the innocent victim in this horrible act of cruelty, is in bad shape.

severely burned dog is currently being cared for at the Detroit Center
for Animal Care. Her body has been ravaged, her injuries are severe –
her prognosis is uncertain. You can help Lady by donating to her
veterinary bills by clicking this link.


a prayer for Lady’s recovery, and that her abusers will be caught.
“Normal” people do not knowingly torture, abuse and kill. The people
responsible for this dog’s current condition must be caught and
convicted before another innocent victim falls prey to their cruelty.

Barbara Blackman
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Look out John and Co., Ontario may be folding the ban you may be next my (AHEM!) friend.

well THS (Toronto Humane Society) has said that dog bite numbers have not gone down since the Legislation was introduced, many APBT’s, bully’s and mixes including Staffordshire terriers have been killed because of it, we can’t go back but we can certainly move forward hopefully with dog friendly, owner accountability legislations instead.

Now for my nazi counterpart in Denver, a Canadian ruling won’t mean much now, but certainly down the road it will pave the way for other provinces, other countries to follow. What that will mean for my boy in Denver is he will finally have to accept that number one, he’s a dictator, and number two we “The People” want our rights and our dogs back! For the dogs that have been euthanized already, well I just feel sick knowing that they died because of irresponsibility and hate, and bites did not go down, and they died basically for nothing! There were still other breeds living with the same types of irresponsible owners that gave way to more attacks.

We will have to wait and see if the repeal goes through, but if it does I wonder if all the Pit Bull owners that moved out of province to save their dogs, owners who had to change their lives, and livelihoods, how will they feel and will they return to their home towns? Only time will tell. 

Until then I will not celebrate just yet, but fingers crossed! and toes!


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