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Open letter to the Denver City Council, and all other cities, districts and countries that habour BSL!

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen, or overseers as I like to say!

I would first like to thank you, thank you for taking away my rights and the rights of Pit Bulls, Bully’s and Bully mixes everywhere! Great Job! Was genocide and theft part of your job description? You have abused the trust of the people who have placed you in that job, you say you created BSL to make the citizen’s feel safe, well how can I feel safe knowing that you have stolen from me, my countrymen, the people of the United States, the people of England and the UK. Stolen and destroyed Pit Bulls in most parts of this planet, and why some have asked?

Well let’s clear that one up shall we, you did this because of irresponsible owners, gang bangers, gang banger wanna be’s,  and dog fighters, and you know it but  instead of putting my tax dollars towards punishing them, you have taken it upon yourself to punish us; responsible owners, advocates, and the dogs. You thought in your own arrogant misguided way that this would secure you votes and keep you in a lazy man’s job, it’s ok somebody has to do it! so again thank you!

You attacked Germany for the genocide they enacted upon the Jewish people, but now because it is “Just a dog” some how Genocide has become ok? Now lets put this into groups so small minded folks or pro BSL politicians as I like to call them can understand;

1.) It is easier than prosecuting all the above mentioned scum bags right?  Not! You have in effect wasted more money, and people still get bitten every year, I am wrong?

2.) You have ZERO scientific or even factual data to show how many people were bitten by pit bulls and if it even was a pit bull for sure isn’t that right?

3.) You couldn’t even be proactive enough to do DNA testing on the dogs that did attack, to prove which genius they actually belonged to am I wrong Mr. Hickenlooper and crew?

4.) You wasted even more money hiring a lawyer to create an iron clad “Home Rule Defence” to justify your wasteful actions I am right or wrong here John and Co.?

5.) You have wasted even more money yet, trying to maintain your wasteful ban out of pride. why was it you let “Forrest” go again? Oh right Obama was coming to town on the campaign trail and you wanted all those pesky “animal rights and advocates to just go away quietly isn’t that right John?

And lastly and my most favorite of all when asked But Isn’t that discrimination? and you said “only if you’re a Pit Bull!”  It’s only discrimination if you’re a pit bull? Smug, smug, smug my friend! Not someone I would vote for! That was about as funny as the time I watched a guy crap himself on the skytrain car I was stuck in! HINT: Not funny at all!

You seem to think all of you, whether it be Denver, USA or Brampton, Ontario, and even London, England, that you have the inalienable right to rip away my rights and kill innocent dogs! Dog’s that were and are trained and socialized, loved and cared for, watched and protected and non-aggresive. Who do you all think you are?  God? Now me I don’t believe in God, but you don’t have to believe in the devil to be afraid of him now do you?

You are pissing of your constituents and what you need to remember is my one vote represents one hundred votes to you, so let’s crunch some numbers shall we?  Just imagine if you will John and Co., imagine one thousand of me, and one thousand other supporters, advocates, and owners, times those by one hundred and what do you get John? well I’ll tell you, what you get is you looking for a new job my friend!  And I can’t wait! I’m getting all goose pimply and warm inside just thinking about you on an unemployment line in DENVER! 

Be afraid John because we are one and we are coming!  Now it is time people show you are not just another yes man, or woman not another wow that’s too bad guy or gal.

GET OFF YOUR ASSES PEOPLE! get off em’ or so help me I’ll drag you off! Kicking and screaming, but off you will come!

Now to those that work tirelessly to end the insanity that is John Hickenlooper and Susan Fennell and Boris Johnson and every other slimy overseer that runs the shit where you live. All those that strive and work their butts off to burn BSL to the ground, to rescue and re-home these dogs even when it means travelling hundreds or thousands of miles to do it, for those that get in the game and stay there,  those who smuggled dogs out of Denver and lastly those that open their homes and their hearts to rescue’s in need, I thank you! This was not directed at you! For every Mayor that knows what a crock BSL is and refuses to waste their constituents tax dollars on a useless ban rather than focus on a “Responsibility Act”  or “Punishment” for those who are neglectful and abusive, I thank you! This was not directed at you either! basically what I’m saying is its directed to the “Posers” who are foolish and wasteful and think they are in charge. It is a democratic society after all right? or I am wrong? did it all of a sudden become oppressive? Because it feels that way.

To David, I see now what you mean, and I don’t know how you do it, but I think I’m about to find out! I may call on you from time to time for support, and may need you to bitch slap me back into reality when I go too far!  Have I gone too far?  NAH! you can never go to far when going up against lunacy! So thank you my friend you have opened my eyes to all of this, you and jjclimcon, FUzupf, and all the others that are too many to mention, thank you all for showing me how truly too far BSL has gone.

It is time to take a stand folks and what that means is all you Pit bull owners that have sat back and said nothing, done nothing, get off your asses and do something for christ sake! Anything! Anything at all!  And those who choose to give lip service, and then bail, talk to the hand, and watch out for the foot that’s getting all geared up to kick your ass! Start making your forefathers proud instead of ashamed! Do you think they would have sat back like wimps and allowed their rights and their dogs to be taken? I think not! What do we need to do show you videos of dogs being euthanized because here’s a newsflash, they don’t all just close their little eyes and go to sleep, all quiet like! Some convulse, some defecate, and some suffer!

I won’t do that but it disgusts me that, that’s the kind of crap it takes to get people to do anything! you need to get educated and get in the game gang! Stop believing everything you see on TV. Did you know there are 27 different types of dogs commonly confused Pit Bulls when reported Animal Control and in general?  True fact folks! You wanted war John and Co.? You got it baby! So let’s dance sweetheart and lets paint the floor honey! Just know I’m not sorry if I step on your toes!  Hey you step on mine everyday with these BULL SHIT BANS AND BILLS!

Sincerely yours,


Raven Woods Rescue needs your help, We need Rescues fosters and families to take some dogs along The way

VERY URGENT! We are taking dogs to upstate NY on Dec 1. We had 9 dogs going to make our Dec. quota imposed by Animal Control. Now one of the rescuers in NY, who was taking 5 dogs, had a major accident and cant help us. We must get more dogs for this trip–else dogs will be in grave danger of confiscation by AC. If you live in the area or along the way and can help, PLEASE contact leila.findahome@gmail.com.

What this group needs is someone to foster or adopt along the way so they can make room for more urgent rescues in the truck please read and share share share!

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