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REVISED: (a bit) Where have all the pit bulls gone? and why didn’t you get off your can and help stop it?

You know I try really hard not to pop a vein in my neck and lose my cool when I see that there are tons of Pit Bull parents in Denver, all across America and Canada and the UK,  yet with the exception of only a few dedicated pet parents, they do not take action against BSL and take these idiot councilmen/women on! Head on! I’m sorry but there is no excuse for being lazy! Especially when it means the difference between whether your dog will live or die, be free, or live life behind a muzzle and on a chain! Are you freaking kidding me? If I were there I would Look up David Edelstein (In Denver) and man, I’m here to tell you, we would have one hell of a ruckus on our hands!

I know its easy to say that but come on! However I am not ready to sit back and wait until they knock on my door and say my dog is the one chosen to die today!  And I’m not one to say “Count me in!” only to hide when I’m needed the most. Get off your ass Denver! Get off your couches and stop singing the I’m too busy chant! Why on gods green earth would you say you’re in it for the long haul and then shrink into the night?

It is time people, and not just in Denver. I live in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada and yes BSL has sunk it’s filthy little misguided claws in here too! So Ontario you all need to get it together as well! You piss me off more than any State or Country going that has BSL! This is CANADA for christ sakes! Remember? The multi cultural mecca, the “We accept all!” Country! Oh sorry, I forgot that tolerance, logic, decency and respect for life only applies if your human! I am pissed off and I’m not taking it ANYMORE! And neither should any of you!

I’m not suggesting going radical like Ingrid Newkirk but come on! Our ancestors would be rolling over in their graves knowing how we have just handed over our rights, their rights away like that, the very same rights these brave hero’s fought and died for! Right alongside those Pit Bulls some of you seem to detest so very much! Or did we just conveniently forget that little history lesson?

 Typical!  People love to sit back and bitch but ask them to make a phone call or write a letter or sign a petition and its “Oh well I’m really busy these days” or ” I just don’t have time” and to that I will just say this; It’s nice to know you don’t have time to save your dogs life! My mom has  a border collie cross and I sure as hell won’t sit back and let them come knocking on her door telling her “We’ve decided your dog is a threat to public safety.”  either!

Wake up, it could be your poodle next year! what do you think dog fighters will do when there are no more pit bulls? Do you really think they will stop?  The answer is a resonating NOPE! They’ll use your golden doodle’s and your jack Russell’s and your cute little purse pups, they know very well and history has taught them that you can teach anything to fight, and kill and die for you!

I’m sorry to those of you out there think this is a rant,  that fact is,  it just isn’t!  What it is Ladies and Gentlemen is a Battlecry! What it is, is one woman who has had enough! Enough of those who won’t act, enough of those who act in the name of the public when we all know they never asked us what we thought in the first place, and they are just trying to keep the kushie seat their asses are parked on as you read this, and enough of pit bull owners of all people not doing absolutely everything to keep their dogs, not just in their homes with their family but keeping them alive!

Stand up! Take action! Get your dogs and take to the streets stand outside your mayor’s office all day in the cold if that’s what it takes! I would! And your dog would do more than that for you!

Thanks for listening but please don’t let it fall on deaf ears, please don’t just read this and walk away! Do something! Anything to stop this insanity!


Update on Rufio, he still needs your help!


Hey guys, don’t forget! Spread the word! $125 in donations collected so far…Rufio needs your help! This sweet Pit Bull puppy has a broken hip and his previous owner is under investigation. He is in the care of a local animal shelter, but they do not have the funds for his surgery ($1,300 discounted cost). Despite his pain, this five… month baby boy is in gre…at spirits! He kisses, cuddles, and believe it or not is completely housebroken. He won’t use the bathroom in his crate, instead he whines for someone to take him outside. He hops out on three legs and has all the spirit of any other pup his age. Checks can be sent to: Cherokee Animal Hospital (Rufio fund) 2424 Marietta Hwy Canton, GA 30114 or a credit card by phone: 770-479-6505. All donations are greatly appreciated! Thanks!See More

Dog of the day, Introducing Miss Jaeda

Here is a real little gem ladies and gentlemen,  just take a look at this gorgeous girl and tell me if that is not one of the most loving little faces you have seen in a while!

Now I don’t know about you but that right there is a face that could melt even the coldest of hearts!

 Jesslyn I can see how you didn’t make it out of the store without her! For those of you that are new to the blog, Romeo, is Jaeda’s brother he was featured in an earlier dog of the day.

Great family you have Jesslyn, you and Brandon must be very proud parents!


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