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Paging a kind hearted America!!!!! Dr. H is running out of time, please help!

Many of you met Dr. Harrison last week when he was our featured Rescue Dog of the Week. He has been on the urgent list at ACCT, in Philly, for several weeks. Soon it will be too late to save him and he needs to get out of this crowded city shelter right away. He is snuggly, well behaved, house broken, athletic, smart. Please email PhillyShelterDogs@gmail.com for more info on how to save this sweet boy. Please repost!


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Taking on the Ban, but I need your help!

As I keep compiling evidence against the ban I find myself discovering how very weak the case to keep or create a ban really is. Think about this, there have been studies done by various organizations to show that BSL did not stop dog bites and show that as a whole the responsible owner is the majority. There is also absolutely no definitive evidence that can prove without a shadow of a doubt that Pit Bulls are the major offenders in attacks. No adequate record keeping is required by Animal Control, Shelters, the SPCA, or the ASPCA. records show only total number of euthanizations they do not breakdown the breeds, reasons for the euthanizations, and they do not do any DNA work to verify dogs that are Pit Bull, Bully, mix breed, or other.

So I ask myself how can they even create this ban without that? Well the answer is simply this, irresponsible owners, dog fighters, neglectful owners, they are the reason BSL exists, BSL was created by over zealous Politicians seeking to ease the publics fears over Pit Bulls, fears that were created by the media and irresponsible owners to begin with.

The answer to defeating BSL is very simple, we need you the people to say you disagree with BSL. Here is some documentation that may change your mind. The source is the American Dog breeders Association;



and this from Care2;


So we can clearly see that the problem was never the dog, it was and always will be the owner! I have said this before but I will say it again,

I am all for responsible ownership, and stipulations ie;

  License required, training required, socialization required, veterinary care required, but not breed specific, instead  required for ALL breeds, even a poodle can bite! Pet ownership comes with responsibility, with that said, stop wasting valuable resources on nonsense Bills and Bans and put it into a “responsibility act.”

I am currently working on compiling all the information, stories, documents, and positive Pit Bull articles and videos I can in an effort to take on the Ban. I am in Canada, but think about it if we can destroy this “Ban” on dogs and create a “Responsibility Act” to take its place here then it can be done anywhere BSL exists, but I can’t do it alone I desperately need your help, I need all the info you can gather, please help me out on this one, send me anything of relevance you may have, anything fitting in with what I stated above.  Stories, docs, videos, anything that can be used to smash this ban and create something that will put our Tax Dollars to good use, and will place owners in the driver’s seat of responsibility. 

Please share this please send in anything you have, Send all info to apitomesblog@hotmail.com Thank you very much!

We can do this if we all ban together so to speak, the many always out weigh the few.


Awesome Pit Bull documentary trailer Beyond The Myth

I absolutely have to share this! Al Chernoff from Rescue Ink had spoken about it on Facebook so I checked it out, it looks amazing! I can’t wait to see the entire documentary, please take a moment to check it out, you won’t regret it I think the more things like this get out there, the better chance Pit Bull owners and advocates have of saving them from this horrible fate. Here is the link to their page Cover Y’all Productions;


thank you for taking the time to check it out!


Update on some precious puppies from Eagles Den Rescue please share! and help these baby girls!

I have come to talk to you again and YES, to tell you the same story, but I have to add something and need to add it first. Some of you may be reading this for the first time. If you are, I know it is long and may be hard to read and understand that some people can be so mean. And some of you may be very tired of hearing it if you have read it before. The fact is, the problem is still out there, and as you are reading this there have been some things happen… things that are happening right now. Hope is fighting for her life again. She is not giving up as she is not as tired as I was. You helped her before and helped her to grow strong. But she has never really gotten past so many infections from the surgery she had to repair the damage from the sexual abuse. She would get infections almost everywhere, and would just take another antibiotic. But this time it just got worse and the blood came again. She started drooling a lot like I did and there was a lot of fear, so the vet has to see inside to know what is going on. She is seeing a specialist and it is going to be expensive again. But I am asking that you not let her die because of that.I know “Mom and Dad” will not. And I hope this will soon be over for them. The vet said once they stop growing, while there will always be a danger for them; the worst danger is now during the growth period. They are 9 months so they are halfway there at least. It cost a lot of money for the surgeries. I know. And we all hope this will not be as much, but Hope wants to live. She is fighting so hard. Will you please help her one more time.Share our story, pray, send warm thoughts and if you can help with the bills:


Or go to the Chip In which does not have a total since we do not know what the total will be. It is already a lot with the procedure she MUST have to look at her colon. The Chip In was originally for Hope, Faith and all the Bait Dogs at Eagle’s Den… but right now… it is for Hope.


Thank You for believing we have a right to live and please read the entire story that follows, even though it is a bit long. People need to know and fight the evil that so many do not care about. We are dogs, but we are not disposable. We can feel pain and rejection. And all we want is to be loved … a bowl of kibble, a place to lay our tired bodies at night, and a person to say we are “good dogs.”

Love & Peace,


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