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The cutest thing eva!

I dare ya to tell me that those are not the absolute cutest faces, aside from those of  your children that you have seen all day!

Where is the happy pit bull? Come on I know your out there! Send in your story!

I feel very defeated when I watch the news and I don’t see positive stories about pit bulls, I wonder why?  Surely there has to be at least one dog out there with a positive story.

We all know that a very crafty media steers the stories in the direction they want, and it does seem that all they want is to perpetuate the negative, now to be fair there have been a couple of positive Pitties in the news but we are talking about America’s Hero after all, surely there must be millions of great stories out there about great Pit Bulls!

So I challenge American and Canadian Pit Bull owners to send in your positive Pit stories, I will compile them into a post and share them with you all! share them with the world! Please send your stories to hollycarney37@hotmail.com and please include photos or videos of your dogs!

Remember the only real way to beat the media is to outshine them! Come on now everyone, send in those stories!

Thank you!


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