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Such a great read, by Marcy Setter

Please have a read,


The best thing I have watched this year! Responsability rocks!

A very special thanks to Care2, for putting this together, and what a great piece it is!

Education is priceless! please, please, share this one and tell your friends to pass it along!



A boy in need, needs a home please share and lets get this guya fur-always home for Christmas!

please help out this gorgeous friendly boy! share!

‎*TURN VOLUME OFF_ LOUD BARKING This boy is a total love bug. Young adult. Male. HIGH KILL SHELTER. Only has days left. Located in East TN. Need RESCUE or adoption asap. Contact JJ @ on.a.mission.from.dog@gmail.com if interested.
Thanks much!

Dogs left out in the cold!

As we get closer to winter and the temperatures start to drop I would like to take a moment to mention dogs left out in the cold;

Pets.ca has some excellent info, check it out;


Also see the article by Dog Owner’s Guide excellent info on helping your dog in winter weather!


Articlesbase has another worth checking out;


It seems that there is a wide range of info out there if you take the time to do your research, but I will say that I do not believe dogs, or any domesticated animal should be housed outside in the winter, it doe not take long for these animals and especially dogs and cats to feel it! I have never had a dog that was housed outside I just don’t believe in the practice. To me the point of having a dog is to have them close to you, enjoying them from afar is not right or fair to that dog, particularly in winter weather, so have a heart and when the temperatures drop please bring your dog in by the fire you’ll be amazed how great it is! and they’ll thank you for it, probably with cuddles and kisses!



In memory of Molly, a great dog gone but not forgotten!

This is a poem about my friends dog Molly, taken and euthanized and she never bit anyone, never acted aggressively, she just loved…. people kids, other animals, she was love.

She was my friends dog but really she belonged to the world, from the moment she was born she was amazing! I miss you Molly!

Molly’s story:

I am love, I am loyal, I am strong as the stone, if you need me I’ll be there you won’t be alone.You taught me to be kind, you taught me to play, you showed me what love is, so I’d be ok. You made all of my fears and uncertainty ebb , what a pair that we made, we were one, we were friends.

Until the day they came and said I was wrong, aggressive, a danger, a nightmare you owned. When they put on the catchpole and dragged me away, I saw you there fighting, begging to let me to stay.

The next day my fate was decided, no luck, there would be no escape, no quick rescue by truck, no compassion, no fairness, no help from this fate, why are these people all driven by hate. The last face that I saw was a strangers that day. It was cold, it was dark, I just wanted you near, but they said you had no rights to visit me here. I want you to know that now I am ok, I still miss you but here we exist just to play. I don’t feel fear, I am not alone, I sit patiently waiting for you to come home. There’s no hunger, no abuse, no unhappy pets, just memories of togetherness your love, your caress.

This is the story of Molly, American Pit bull Terrier, discriminated against, removed from her home, and ultimately killed for nothing! Attacks by dogs didn’t stop, but her life did! Her neighbours loved her, she even saved a 13 year old girl from being abducted, her neighbours signed petitions, and fought for her return but the politics were clear, the agendas all obvious. this is her story fight for molly’s memory, fight to save your dog, take 5 minutes out of your day to voice your opinion, email or call your senators and say NO! to BSL!


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