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So this is christmas, and what have you done?

To all the Pit Bulls who still have their homes and their families, this Christmas  be thankful.

To everyone else stop BSL, stop innocent dogs from being taken, Please!





Wise words….”If pit bulls were humans it would be racism“, and descrimination, all the things we have fought so hard to overcome. They need their champions to come forward and fight for their right to life!

Please stand up and write a letter, make a call, say no!

Thank you and Merry Christmas to ALL and to ALL a good night!


Unbelievable! the facts about the breed may be a bit off, however I will still say the dog is not the problem.


I can’t believe governments want to target the dogs and not the men behind it! Banning the dogs changes nothing, and it is not the dog who chooses this life! If these pigs took a lab and made it a fighting dog you would still have the same results! Stop the fighters themselves and  neglectful owners and you end the problem!

Any dog can inflict damage, any dog can be a danger in the wrong hands!

Looks like Michael Vick isn’t the only sports figure that is secretly an animal at heart!



Please help, read and share Rufio is an abuse case and he’s still just a pup!


Rufio needs our help! This sweet Pit Bull pup has a broken hip and his previous owner is under investigation. He is in the care of a local animal shelter, but they do not have the funds for his surgery ($1,300 discounted cost). Despite his pain, this five month baby boy is in great spirits! He kisses, cuddles, …and believe it or no…t is completely housebroken. He won’t use the bathroom in his crate, instead he whines for someone to take him outside. He hops out on three legs and has all the spirit of any other pup his age. Checks can be sent to: Cherokee Animal Hospital (Rufio fund) 2424 Marietta Hwy Canton, GA 30114 or a credit card
or by phone: 770-479-6505. All donations are greatly appreciated! Thanks!See More

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