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Dr. Ian Dunbar…, Thanks for the common sense! Stop hating and start educating.

Great video!


Dog fighting is cool? Or not!

Like it or not this is the face of dog fighting, these dogs are the victims of  savages on a quest to feel powerful, they are victims of greed and blood lust!


for those who say its cool or fun or “you’re the man” if you fight a dog, GROW UP!

And people say Michael Vick got to harsh of a sentence?  I would say to little but that’s me!


Meatball needs a home, and possibly a new name.

Take a look at this little beauty! 

In Baltimore, MD from KAT AT BARCS! Name: Meatball (pictured above) Sex: Male Breed: pit mix Emaciated when he came in: YES! Age: 6 months Temperament: total lover….he is still learning how to be a dog. You should have seen the conditions that he came from… If your rescue has space or you are simply interested in any of these lovely pooches…please contact me ASAP….We are out of space… Kathleen.knauff@baltimorecity.gov Thanks! Kat Knauff Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter.
Thanks Kathleen, I hope you have luck finding him a great new family!

These just got me to thinking…..




Just sayin!


Working pit bull awesomeness!


Now tell me you can’t see the willingness to work for and love us humans! Please be worthy of it, say no to BSL and dog fighters.

Come on lovers of all things bully, sign this and save a dog today!

We, the underside call on the PM to repeal the dangerous dogs act. 1991 Well let me just say something we all know pitbulls shouldn’t be banned to be honest come on there not even dangerous any dog can be

A charming little snip it from my neck of the woods, I will never support CBC again!

This kind of Half Assed reporting is what really makes my blood boil!


Here was my email response to CBC:

First off where did you do your research from dogsbite.org?  VERY irresponsible reporting!
Pit Bulls were bred originally to fight Bulls in a pit, You know those cows with horns! thus the name PIT BULL hello!  they were NOT originally bred to fight dogs!
It was only when bull fights were outlawed that MAN turned them against each other, years after that when man wised up, well some did anyway. They were bred to be the ultimate family dog, thus the name “The Nanny Dog” I guessed you missed that little history lesson huh CBC?
Second why are you not doing stories on all the other breeds of dogs that have attacked people? This is the exact kind of media bias, and half-baked reporting that gets these dogs banned  and sometimes euthanized in the first place, innocent dogs that have never done anything to anyone!
This kind of reporting is disgusting! get your facts straight! why not do a story on Dolly the Pit Bull, or Caesar’s dog Junior. Or the multitude of pit bulls used as service dogs, or the success stories from the Vick dogs?
You should be ashamed of yourselves! I am posting a copy of your story on my blog to show people exactly what I have been saying all along about irresponsible reporting! I hope you get emails about this one!
A pissed off Canadian Pit Bull advocate! and former supporter of CBC!

Any thoughts?


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