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“Some people wonder, are we ever going to let Michael Vick get beyond all this?”

for all those who say are we ever going to let him get beyond it? Maybe you should read this article by Los Angels Times reporter  Bill Plaschke.

Then tell me what you think, if you still think the answer is “Yes”, than society is more corrupt than I thought, its more focused on the almighty dollars that sports figures bring then the adherence of laws, animal rights, and abuse.

I don’t know about anyone else but I am sick to death of hearing how this has negatively effected Michael Vick’s life and career. Frankly I could care less! As I have said in earlier posts being in the NFL or any other league for that matter is a privilege not a right, and the blatant spit in the face he gave the league for all that it had done for him sickens me to the highest degree!

I look at these dogs and see how the horrific things that were done to them still affect them to this day, and I really don’t feel any sympathy for Mr. Vick  in fact the only feelings I get for him are those of contempt and disgust. Will this mark stain him forever? Only fate can decide that, but it should, or at least it should not be forgotten or swept under the rug like it did not exist at all.

Myself I can not even begin to imagine how money can drive someone to allow themselves to participate in activities such as the ones that Michael Vick was involved in, I recently had a friend say “But he grew up in the ghetto and he was poor and you did not”, well let me just share this, I grew up the second child of a single mother, my brother and I had to be latch key kids so my mom could work full time to support us, we at one time received food and clothes from the food bank and church donations, we had christmas’ where we had to make gifts for each other because we couldn’t afford to buy them, we had years where we had to wear the same clothes or shoes the on following school year etc.

Now it may not have been the exact same experiences as the poor hard done by Mr. Vick, but I never broke the law, I never hurt animals for profit and I never tortured or abused anyone or anthing because of it. There are millions of people who grew up dis advantaged or poor, who never engaged in this, so you will have to forgive me if I think that statement is a little unfair, and a lot of BS! Its a very weak excuse, plain and simple, and not even close to cutting the mustard as far as I am concerned.

So for those who say “Are we ever going to let him get beyond all this?”  I can only say ” I HOPE NOT!” and never lose sight of what he really did.

You be the judge!



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