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Help Dr. Harrison, he’s gorgeous and he needs a for always home!

StubbyDog Project’s Photos – Pit Bulls in Need of Homes! (cross-posted)


Dr. Harrison
Location: ACCT Philadelphia, PA
Contact: 215.426.6300
Also contact Lara Kelly for help with transporting
Info: Owner surrender because adding a baby to home. Good with other dogs, as well as children. No formal training, so he does pull on the leash when walking. Knows “sit” and “down”.
I had to leave this comment: I’m confused if he’s good with kids why would they give him up? sounds like excuses. sorry, people that can that easily give up their dog?
They piss me off! I mean come on! that’s lame! I hope he finds his home, hopefully with someone that knows the meaning of the word LIFE TIME COMMITMENT! Sorry for the rant! SIGH!

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