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If ever I had a mission ending BSL is it, and why.

About a three years or so ago was the first time I had really heard about BSL, for a short time, I tried not to think about it, because it seemed like it could never be un-done. However I had an epiphany, I saw this dog on a news clip, they didn’t even publish his name. He was used, abused and then thrown away, by his dog fighter idiot owner. He was found by a man who took him in, nursed him back to health, and gave him a home, this only to be taken away and euthanized because of his breed, because of a hateful ignorant neighbour, because of a complete waste of the taxpayers money, a little ban called BSL.  He had never bitten, he had never lunged, he had only been kind, and willing to love humans again, and that was his reward.

Then a friend of mine had a female pit bull named molly, my friend got a job in a town that as it turns out had BSL in effect, she took Molly without checking into the BSL there and what it would mean for Molly, I don’t know maybe she just didn’t know enough about it either at that time. While living in her new neighbourhood Molly met the kids there and loved them all! She played with and protected them like they were her very own little charges. Until one day a 13-year-old girl in her neighbourhood was attacked, jumped from behind, and was being forced into a truck by the man driving, Molly jumped her fence and attacked the man never biting him I will add, simply keeping him at bay so she (the girl) could get into Molly’s yard for safety, Molly jumped back into her yard and guarded the girl until My friend got back from shopping.

Again, another hateful ignorant  neighbour said she bit the man, and called the authorities, they came and took Molly away, drug her away in a catch pole, not even attempting a leash, even after she so eagerly went, wagging her tail looking back at mom for assurance. Her neighbours all signed petitions but all the politics, all the hate and fear was clear from the start. They kept Molly, until she got sick and then they decided to euthanize her. I lost my friendship over Molly, and my quest to be an advocate and end BSL started.

I could no longer just keep pretending that it didn’t exist, keep lying to myself and not really allowing myself to see how many innocent dogs were dying. To see how irresponsible people were still not being punished for abuse and neglect, how no energy or funding was being put into keeping these dogs owners held to a responsibility act.  Nothing good was being accomplished. Dogs were still biting, most not even Pit Bull, but we seldom hear about those now do we?

I am to a point where as I have said before, NO ONE will tell me what type of dog I can own! period! I will no longer sit silently while good dogs are killed just because of a name, because of ignorance and fear. Doesn’t anyone else remember America’s Dog, or the Nanny Dog?  Because I do! I have read a lot but still find that no matter how much you read there is still more to learn.  A larger goal, I want these dogs to have the right to life and for people to be the ones that have to keep up a standard, of housing, shelter, food, training and care.

We have the responsibility to take care of them the way they have cared for us all these years!  Haters and ignorance will always be around, the same way we project and profile each other, we profile these dogs, we must get better!

We must admit where the blame really is to be placed, and who’s shoulders it sits squarely on. You can not blame a dog for how it has turned out. Every puppy is born with the potential for greatness or failure. The outcome is ours to create, its our chore to see they are raised just as successfully as we would want our children to be raised and taught.

 Lastly, its just wrong, no matter how you look at it, its wrong, we will let a child molester have a second chance to re offend but we can’t give them the right to life Hhhhhmmm?Failure can no longer be an option!

Thank you for supporting me and this blog, please don’t forget that these dogs need your faith and support too!


Do Not Adopt Warning – Cathy Bradford aka Ruth Bradford aka Ruth Ann Bradford

by StubbyDog Project on Monday, November 15, 2010 at 4:57am
For Rescues, Shelters, and Private Adopters:



An indivdual going by the names: Cathy Bradford aka Ruth Bradford aka Ruth Ann Bradford has been attempting to adopt dogs, specifically pit bulls.  She is suspected of selling dogs to labratories or for using in dog fights.  Her husband is convicted dogfighter.

This individual is attempting to adopt from local shelters and private rescues in Missouri and Illinois, as well as contacting Pit Bull Rescue Central and applying for dogs w/PBRC’s online adoption application

Description: She is about 5’4” white,  on the heavier side, brown, curly (loose curls), shoulder length hair.  

Approximately – 45 to 50 years old.

Bradford uses multiple addresses:

3205 cotton dodd rd. Cuba, MO

1488 Becker Road Cuba Mo 65453

She is willing to drive up to 200 miles (per her application) to pick up a dog.

She consistently lists other pets on her application, but the pets vary.  Often she mentions having a Min Pin.

She also lists her husband, the dog fighter, as a resident of her home.

Please do not adopt to this woman or anyone at her address.  Do not allow her to transport dogs.  Please Cross Post.


Why are there so many pit bulls in shelters?

I can not say for sure, but my best guess is that these dogs reputations suffer and are exaggerated by the over zealous media. They are treated and cared for most often in very poor conditions, to say some are down right horrid would be closer to the truth, most are chained and forgotten.

We can’t forget about those people who but a pit bull puppy when they have no idea about what their needs are, and that they required a strong teacher, They soon start to realise that these cute little puppies grow into strong, muscular dogs that need regular exercise and training. So their family member takes them to a shelter and simply walks away, never knowing if that dog lived or died, they divorce themselves from it entirely, I guess you would have to.

The result is most often pit bulls out number all other dog breeds in shelters, and that is very sad, It is heartbreaking that these Pit Bulls will wait for, but most will never see their Fur-Always homes. It breaks my heart to think that we can cast dogs aside like that.

Fortunately, there are many people out there willing to take a rescue or shelter dog in, and love them, all those people are very special without a doubt but we need more devoted families to step up and realize these are wonderful dogs, That they are dogs with potential for greatness!

I am looking now for my new addition, as I have said I will keep everyone updated when we find our match! Stay tuned!

If you have a space to fill check out your local shelter or rescue first, you never know what you might find, maybe the next Dolly The Pit Bull, or Daddy!


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