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Dog of the day, say hi to Zoey!

Zoey is one good-looking girl, with that typically sweet pittie face! what a stunner she is!

Zoey’s mom tell me that she came to them through Hero’s Canine Rescue, she may be a mix breed, but who can tell and who cares look at this girl! She was a left over from a litter because she had parvo. Awe! Well she’s obviously a trooper too, since she made it. Not an easy task I can tell you, I had a pup with parvo years ago and it is very hard to get a dog through that alive.

Take a look at Zoey in all her glory:

Her mom says they call her their plucked chicken because of her pink belly, super cute picture! I love dogs that sleep on their backs, just like some of us do!

It is very heart warming to see you had a space in your heart and in your home for this angel, so many rescues are waiting for their chance, there are exceptional dogs out there folks, dogs that just need a chance to show you how very special they are, ones just like Miss Zoey here.

Thank you Crystal for sharing her with us! and enjoy that sweet face giving kisses and smiles for years to come!


Please help this Pitty little girl find a home!

from the desks of   StubbyDog:

Here’s Our Rescue Dog of the Week:
Sadly, this is Daisy Mae’s second go around here as RDOTW on StubbyDog. She was adopted and brought back, so once again, this pretty girl is looking for a great home!

Hello all! My name is Daisy Mae! I’m a 2 year young puppy, and I love, love to play! I live in NYC and I love to shop! The only thing I love more than shopping and getting my nails done, is kids…I LOVE children, they smell so good I could kiss and cuddle with them all day! I enjoy laying out by the pool and going for the occasional dip in my kiddie pool that my foster mom has for me. I’m house trained and I even know how to use a doggie-door. If you don’t have one, no worries, I can hold it 🙂 I’m a petite pitty weighing only 43lbs (although a true lady never should tell!) I’m so lucky, my foster mom even lets me go to this giant park with tons of other dogs, I love to meet and play with all of them. My favorite thing is to make them chase me! I love where I am staying, but my foster mom says I need to find my fur-ever home so she can save my friends back at the shelter, so off I go! Let the bidding begin! 😉  If you are interested in adopting me, PLEASE contact my rescue group, http://poshpetsrescue.org/

Do you know a shelter pit in need of a great home? Contact ericad@stubbydog.org to make them a featured pet on StubbyDog.See More

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