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Cross Posting to help, please read and share! One little pup didn’t make it.

(Since I first posted this, Hope has had additional problems but has come through… a better update will come later. She will still need the additional surgery to remove more of her colon once she is strong enough. This has been hard on her but she is a real fighter. Please help if you can.)
I have come to talk to you again and YES, to tell you the same story, but I have to add something and need to add it first. Some of you may be reading this for the first time. If you are, I know it is long and may be hard to read and understand that some people can be so mean. And some of you may be very tired of hearing it if you have read it before.The fact is, the problem is still out there, and as you are reading this there have been some things happen… things that are happening right now. Hope is fighting for her life again. She is not giving up as she is not as tired as I was. You helped her before and helped her to grow strong. But she has never really gotten past so many infections from the surgery she had to repair the damage from the sexual abuse. She would get infections almost everywhere, and would just take another antibiotic. But this time it just got worse and the blood came again. She started drooling a lot like I did and there was a lot of fear, so the vet has to see inside to know what is going on. She is seeing a specialist and it is going to be expensive again. But I am asking that you not let her die because of that.I know “Mom and Dad” will not. And I hope this will soon be over for them. The vet said once they stop growing, while there will always be a danger for them; the worst danger is now during the growth period. They are 9 months so they are halfway there at least. It cost a lot of money for the surgeries. I know. And we all hope this will not be as much, but Hope wants to live. She is fighting so hard. Will you please help her one more time.Share our story, pray, send warm thoughts and if you can help with the bills:
Or go to the Chip In which does not have a total since we do not know what the total will be. It is already a lot with the procedure she MUST have to look at her colon. The Chip In was originally for Hope, Faith and all the Bait Dogs at Eagle’s Den… but right now… it is for Hope.
Thank You for believing we have a right to live and please read the entire story that follows, even though it is a bit long. People need to know and fight the evil that so many do not care about. We are dogs, but we are not disposable. We can feel pain and rejection. And all we want is to be loved … a bowl of kibble, a place to lay our tired bodies at night, and a person to say we are “good dogs.”
Love & Peace,

THE REST OF THE STORY: (or the beginning of the story):
My name is Charity. My life began about 9 months ago. I was one of a litter of several and knew nothing of the world or the people in it. I knew my mother and warmth and hunger. I knew one day something was wrong when I was ripped from my mother with two of my sisters. We were hurt in ways we did not understand and could not make sense of what was wanted or expected of us. You see, we were born American Pit Bull Terriers and those who may not understand; we are a very loyal breed. We want only to please those who feed and care for us. Ideally, we would be nurtured and our sharp instincts used for wonderful things, like rescuing small children who have wandered away from a campground, or tunneling through debris at a World Trade Center when bad men do horrid things.But I was born into a world that does not understand us. The most decorated Army dog ever was my kind, and now… well… now they want to kill us all I understand. I am not so sure what it is that makes people hate us so. I know we grow into dogs with a powerful bite and we can do a lot of damage. But, basically, we will do what it is we are trained to do. If we are with a kind person, and we learn kindness from an early age, we can be the best friends ever. Some of us have an instinct that makes us what is called animal aggressive, and I know that is not such a good thing when we need to get along in a family. I was never aggressive. I never harmed anyone or anything… and neither did my two sisters, Faith and Hope. But because of what we are, bad people like to take us and make us do bad things. And those bad people make a lot of other humans hate us for what we are trained to do. But that is another story, sort of… though that story is the reason why things happened to us as they did. Our birth was brought about by one of those bad people with bad intentions. And the more people hate us, the more those bad people want us and the worse they treat us. And it is ok because we are just “Pit Bulls” and “Dumb Dogs.” They do not seem to understand that we feel pain, we feel when someone hates us, and we do not want to be hurt. So … that is the world we were born into, but we did not understand all of that then. We just understood we had been ripped from our mother; we could not eat because we had no teeth; and, worse … the man who bred us had a teenage son that was doing really bad things to us. I later learned that it was called sexual molestation, sodomy, or bestiality. I just knew that it hurt and I could hear my sisters crying when he would hurt them. Faith was so small and I tried really hard to protect her. I cannot tell you how many times this happened, though it could not have been many or we would not have lived. But it was enough to hurt us. One day the boy was seen hurting us and his father saw what was happening too. He rushed us to this place called the County Animal Shelter. I think we were supposed to be killed there and no one would ever question what happened, because most “Pits” that go into a place like that do not come out alive. But this was a good place with people who did care.The man told them the big dog down the road had “gotten to us.” I guess they figured that is how we got all those bite marks all over our bodies where the other dogs were allowed to hurt us. But they noticed there that we were very, very still, huddled together … and we would not eat. I was very worried about my sisters. And they seemed to look to me. Then this woman and man came and got us and took us to a place called The Eagle’s Den. After that, things changed. They call it rescue, and I am glad we were rescued. I wish all of my kind could be because it gives us a chance. But… anyway… we saw a vet and he sort of guessed at what had happened to us. But the man was not punished, nor his son. All I know is there is something called an investigation into all those bad people and they really want to catch them all. They should. And I hope one day there will be some justice for me and my sisters.But the people will have to work that out because well… we are just dogs.And our story has not ended. Well, mine has, at least there where it hurt every time I went to the bathroom, but where life was so good I did not let on that I was hurting. You see, one day I just felt funny and then I went to sleep. I can remember wet tears on my face as the man and woman held me and I knew they were going to try and save me again. But I was just so tired. After having been in pain for so long and knowing my sisters were I just went to sleep and came to a place called Rainbow Bridge. It is very nice here. I have a lot of friends here. There are all kinds of dogs and many of my kind, many that were hurt like I was, and killed. And I can watch over Faith and Hope here. They have had surgery now to help them. After I came here everyone knew we were not alright. We were rambunctious pups, yes. And we were scared pups because of all we went through. All we really wanted was a friend and to play and be happy. I am rooting for Faith and Hope now and I watch over them from here. They had the surgery they needed to fix the pain. They may not understand the pain they are in right now, but it will get better now.There are a lot of people upset because of what happened to us. And I am very glad they are upset. If I could tell them anything that would help: make it stop; but not just this man. Make it all stop. Get the people who make laws to write some that will protect us. What happened to us is against the law. That is a fact. But there are no federal laws to help us, and they get away with it time and again. Anyone who wants to see how often this happens, just type the word Canine sexual molestation into your computers and look. But you only see the cases that get reported. And not much happens in those cases. Even when they kill us, not much happens. So if you want to help, if you want it to stop … there is only one way. Make it illegal all over the United States. Make uniform laws so that all animal abuse carries mandatory sentences. Other countries protect their companion animals. If you guys who have prayed so hard and whose love I feel so strongly want to help … make it stop. Make them hear you. They have never heard us. Faith’s surgery went really well, even though she was the sickest. Hope had hers and she is doing ok now. Ironically, Hope may have already been here at Rainbow Bridge, but some of the abuse actually saved her. When they did her surgery, they found a piece of metal in her intestines, surrounded by flesh. It was blocking a tear. They had to cut off a lot more of her intestines than they did Faith’s, but she will be ok now … I HOPE. That piece of metal stopped poison from spilling into her body at least, even though it did damage, it helped her to stay alive long enough to get the surgery to save her life. I am watching, and I am hoping this will make people wake up and realize what goes on with us when we are bred for all the wrong reasons. I hope people will stop punishing our breed for what these people do and realize what we go through. I wish they all could be rescued. I wish there was no reason to rescue.There is one more thing I have seen since I came to Rainbow Bridge. All of you are very caring and good people. My sisters were able to have their surgery because people cared enough to help them live. They have a long way to go, but thank you for helping them. I’ll be watching… and one day I will see all of you here at the Bridge; because I am everyone’s dog who had a part in saving my sisters. Thank You.

Thank You for Loving Us,


If you would like to contribute for Hope, Faith … and In Memory of Charity:


If you would like to help care for the animals at Eagle’s Den all donations are appreciated, tax deductable and 100% goes to the care of the animals.

Thank You, and thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers.

Southeastern Veterinary Hospital (Donation can be made in general or In Memory of Charity)

Irresponsible ownership, hoarding 40 dogs, and now a child is dead, and we still blame the dog.


Now lets see if we understand the facts on this story, 35-40 dogs were found on the property, and the dog in question was kept chained to a tree. How charming! I feel for this family, but yet again, we have a story about too many dogs, the chaining of dogs, and we still want to blame the dogs! What is missing here is that dogs were never meant to be chained, it goes against their instincts, their natural way of life. How can anyone expect an animal not to have issues when it is denied the right to freedom, wouldn’t you go insane if you were tethered and ignored? Never allowed to walk freely, and never socialized around other animals or people?

It sounds like the family has had its share of tragedy, but any fool could see there was danger in the making here, this is exactly what I try to speak out against because it ALWAYS end in a tragedy of one sort or another. I find it hard to believe that no one knew how many dogs were on that property, and why would any mother allow a toddler to be in a situation like that in the first place? The police officer wants to blame the dog, but come on!

What I want to know is why is that grandfather not behind bars? I’m sorry to the family but really, this man was very irresponsible, obviously neglectful in the duties of caring for and having that many dogs, not to mention he should have never been allowed to keep that many dogs in the first place! I feel sorry for that little boy, what a horrible thing to have happen, and a horrible way to die. I feel sorry for the family, there is no greater or more profoundly felt pain than the loss of a child, but accountability is in order here.

It is a shining example of abuse, neglect, child endangerment, and ignorance all rolled up one little tale, again we see  media bias at its finest, why is it that nobody heard about the little boy attacked last week by an English Mastiff? Or the story about a little girl attacked by a Blue Healer three weeks ago? I am constantly amazed at how stupid humans can be! This is why BSL exists in the first place! 

I will say that I do not object to the euthanization of dogs that have attacked. I believe that if a dog is aggressive and has attacked people or other dogs, it is a threat to the safety of the community as a whole, and should be put down. But ultimately we are responsible for shaping these dogs, we domesticated them and a great responsibility comes with that , if you are not ready to take on that responsibility than you should not own a dog, period!

I wish I could take these dogs out of the hands of ignorant and neglectful humans, we do these stupid things, we abuse, jail and neglect them, and then want to vilify these dogs because of it. This child did not ask to be born into the hands of neglectful family members, this dog did not ask to be chained and ignored.

This story just played right into the hands of an irresponsible media,  and those who wish to see BSL stick I makes me very angry, angry at the media, angry with this family and angry with a system that allows neglect and irresponsibility to continue. Again this story makes front page news but its disgraceful that the above mentioned stories did not. This all makes me sick to my stomach, nothing good comes from situations like this one, what a shame!


Chihuahua’s are now banned? Say what?

Yes you read that one correctly, Australia has now added them to the list of dangerous dogs! Well lets see I wrote on Dolly The Pit Bulls wall on Facebook that I own a fish that bites why not add fish to the list? I have a baby that can bite, lets add babies to the list too! This epidemic of banning dogs is getting out of control, we need to start looking at it like  this, our society is set up in such a way so we don’t judge, we look for solutions to a problem, how is banning an entire breed of dog a solution?

Ban stupid people, ban abusers, neglectful owners, and ban idiotic politicians that take away our rights, the dogs rights, we will let a child molester out on the streets after just a few short years, and we ALL know they are never cured! But we will ban these dogs because of the actions of the monster and the end of that least, does that sound ludicrous to anyone else or is it just me?

Australia, Britain, America, Canada, these countries should be ashamed, they all pride themselves on being tolerant, multicultural, accepting of all, sorry I guessed I missed the memo, the one that said everything but pit bulls, bully’s, pit mixes, and Chihuahuas! Unreal!

I realize that Canada did not ban these little one, but none the less we do ban dogs and I don’t remember being asked what I thought about it. I am ashamed to be Canadian, ashamed to live in a country with such obvious biases, a country that is supposed to have zero tolerance on genocide, and hate. Wow, we have a longer road to pave than I thought!


Podcast for Pit Bulls

Check this one out, changing minds and perceptions, get to know the neighbor with the pit bull, learn about them, you might just be surprised what you find out!


Veterans and the dogs that help them recover.

This is a wonderful segment By TIME please take a look!


Thank you!


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