Where is the love?

Yesterday I was doing some research on dogs in general, and I am just flabbergasted that there are really that many cruelty cases, I mean you could spend 24 hours straight online and still not come to the end of it. Many of these sad cases are never prosecuted. There are millions of animals euthanized in shelters each and every year, some simply because of overcrowding of all things. Can you imagine a dog or cat being euthanized because there is no spaces available?  That just blows me away, that many animals are abused or dumped off at a shelter and left on death row, wow!


The disconnect people have is amazing, how when it suits their needs they can simply drop off their pet, turn around and walk away, never looking back and some probably never think about it again,and often times go out and get another pet.

I have to ask where did the love for this pet go?  Now I know there are numerous reasons people surrender animals, but honestly for me anyway, there is no good excuse, you have to consider all aspects of pet ownership before you buy or adopt and those that do not, don’t get upset when I judge you! In most cases you are sentencing that animals to death, and if not death or at the very least a life behind bars, some dogs will stay at a shelter or rescue for years, think about that one for a moment. Years of never living inside, not knowing the love that you were meant to have, shelters and rescues do their very best for these animals, at least the reputable ones do, they strive to give them the best life they can but often it is simply not enough.

We’ve all heard that before but I always wonder why it doesn’t resonate, why it doesn’t sink in with some people. imagine being a shelter worker and being tasked with euthanizing a dog that is sitting at your feet patiently waiting for his pat on the head, wagging his tail in anticipation, just imagine that for a second, I have and I will tell you from my perspective that has to be the most heart wrenching and utterly depressing experience!

Of the luck ones that make it out, a small percentage are returned again. When I was a child we adopted a dog that had been returned several times because he was “too excitable” if you can believe that. Well all I have to say is I would be too if I spent years in a kennel waiting for the basics like a walk or food or a snuggle, he turned out to be the best dog we ever owned, RIP Kody we miss you. With time and love he grew into the most amazing dog! Remember that when you go to give up your next new addition, be ready for the challenges, and you will be rewarded with a best friend for life!

Where is the love, that rings through my ears over and over where is the love?

Well to all of you out there that give your all to your pets, for those who treat their pets like family, you know where the love is!  It’s sitting at your feet or on your lap as we speak! You are a special person to be able to give what so many others seems incapable of, simply put you give your time, love and loyalty, way to go! 



About apitome

I am a mother, a pit bull advocate, but mostly I am just like any of you, I am passionate about politics, the environment and dog advocacy. I want possitive changes within the judicial system as well. I want my children to grow up in a country where we are not told what breed of dog we can own. I want to see BSL put in the trash where it belongs! I want to see the constitution protected but not manipulated *see anything on the mosque near ground zero (USA) or changing Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays (Canada)* I am not racist in any way shape or form against any ethnic group, I do however have prejudices against bad behavior! If you abuse our laws, kids, the elderly, or animals, If you move to a new country and then demand that country to change everything about it's laws & way of life to suit your own agenda, If you blatantly break those laws with no regard and show no repect for them, if you engage in dog fighting or any other forms of animal abuse, torture or neglect, or if you are a pedophile, Than yes! You are on my radar for sure, and I will do EVERYTHING within my power to see you stopped and brought to justice! Furthering that goal, I have no qualms about publishing the names and faces of convicted abusers. I am not trying to change the world, I simply want to see things improve not backslide, Mostly for my children and these wonderful dogs futures! I may say things you agree with, and I may say things that you won't agree with, I may anger you, challenge you, or just plain piss you off, but in my book that's ok as long as long as it inspires some form of action on your part. This is not a popularity contest, If I have said anything about a group or person that you don't agree with please feel free to leave a comment or simply don't come back. If You have been mentioned in my blog it is for one of two reasons, you are either an advocate or you are an abuser loser, if you are the latter I could care less what you think! I value the opinions of trash about as much as I do that of a slug! Everything in print here is a matter of public record, or came from a trusted source, with that said, I am certainly willing to print both sides of any story, in an effort to be fair and always print the truth! View all posts by apitome

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