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Please help Ginger yet another victim of BSL

Get the full story from The Petition Site, the link is below please read and pass this along to anyone you think will agree to sign it to save this poor girl!

it only takes a few minutes and you will be saving the life of an innocent dog!


The struggle to win over a rescue!

Years ago as I said in my last post we had a rescue dog, many people find that it is a hard transition for the first little bit and that may be true in some cases, if you have recently or will soon be adopting a dog I would like to share some tips for success with you, based on my experiences:

First off when you bring your new puppy or dog home, try to understand that they have probably been through a lot so be very sedate and keep your tone and movements gentle at first. Let your dog come to you, they will first want to get to know their new home so they will investigate it thoroughly, trust me. Just go about your routine as normal and they will come to you when they feel comfortable.

Once you have established your bond and they accept you the next step is showing the dog that you are alpha or top dog so to speak, you do not have to accomplish this with a firm hand or aggression, that will get you absolutely no where with any dog and can end up manifesting itself in aggression or make them fearful of you. Be firm but not harsh, repetition is the key, with time eventually they will understand what you expect from them. Make them stay with you as you move around your house you can use a lead if you wish and attach it to you or just let them follow the choice is ultimately yours, but a lead works well and you have control over their actions.  You have to teach your dog the rules just as you would a child, if you want them to have success give them the tools and the support they need.

Try to understand that in some cases these dogs receive little or no training. One of the biggest excuse for surrendering a dog is that they are “un-trainable”  Utter nonsense! Any dog is trainable if you are committed to them. It takes time, repetition, and a consistent yet firm hand. You will see in time your dog will come to respect you and your rules and expectations. and you will both learn to live very nicely side by side you and your new buddy!

You want your dog to be the very best they can be so it doesn’t hurt to find a reputable obedience trainer. You don’t have to have one but for some knowing what to do is not second nature, or intuitive so there is no shame in getting the help you need. Investing in your dogs future is never a bad thing!

Make your dog their own place to sleep, buying a dog bed is a wonderful way to show them where their spot is, and make them as comfortable as possible. For me my bed is mine I don’t share with my pets, too many years of waking up with dog hair in my mouth I guess, but if you do, kudos to you, your dog will think you are a god!

Dogs are like kids, so have fun with them play with them and enjoy all the love they have to give you, that’s why you got them in the first place right? I have always found that to have a successful relationship with your dog all you have to do is be a leader, and be someone they think of as their source of food, fun and love, and really that’s it the rest is just the gravy on top. Remember to be patient, it will all fall into place and soon you will have your buddy relaxed and at home with you, listening to you and accepting you as their “pack”

Never take a dog out off leash, not only can you put others in harm’s way, you could be risking you dog’s safety as well. There are wonderful places to take your dog where you can go off leash in relative safety, but always keep your dog close and within your line of sight. Once your bond is secure and your dog will listen when called back to you, but city streets are not the place to test that bond. Most municipalities have strict leash laws so abide by them to keep everyone happy and safe.

Being loved and cared for well is what your dog will need from you the most, so affection and proper care go hand in hand and in the end will be the key to your success with your new dog. Take time out of each day to devote to the dog alone, they are pack animals by nature and crave your attention.

And remember it takes time but they are well worth the investment! They will soon seem like they have always been there, and you won’t be able to imagine life without them.

Good luck with your new best friend!


Where is the love?

Yesterday I was doing some research on dogs in general, and I am just flabbergasted that there are really that many cruelty cases, I mean you could spend 24 hours straight online and still not come to the end of it. Many of these sad cases are never prosecuted. There are millions of animals euthanized in shelters each and every year, some simply because of overcrowding of all things. Can you imagine a dog or cat being euthanized because there is no spaces available?  That just blows me away, that many animals are abused or dumped off at a shelter and left on death row, wow!


The disconnect people have is amazing, how when it suits their needs they can simply drop off their pet, turn around and walk away, never looking back and some probably never think about it again,and often times go out and get another pet.

I have to ask where did the love for this pet go?  Now I know there are numerous reasons people surrender animals, but honestly for me anyway, there is no good excuse, you have to consider all aspects of pet ownership before you buy or adopt and those that do not, don’t get upset when I judge you! In most cases you are sentencing that animals to death, and if not death or at the very least a life behind bars, some dogs will stay at a shelter or rescue for years, think about that one for a moment. Years of never living inside, not knowing the love that you were meant to have, shelters and rescues do their very best for these animals, at least the reputable ones do, they strive to give them the best life they can but often it is simply not enough.

We’ve all heard that before but I always wonder why it doesn’t resonate, why it doesn’t sink in with some people. imagine being a shelter worker and being tasked with euthanizing a dog that is sitting at your feet patiently waiting for his pat on the head, wagging his tail in anticipation, just imagine that for a second, I have and I will tell you from my perspective that has to be the most heart wrenching and utterly depressing experience!

Of the luck ones that make it out, a small percentage are returned again. When I was a child we adopted a dog that had been returned several times because he was “too excitable” if you can believe that. Well all I have to say is I would be too if I spent years in a kennel waiting for the basics like a walk or food or a snuggle, he turned out to be the best dog we ever owned, RIP Kody we miss you. With time and love he grew into the most amazing dog! Remember that when you go to give up your next new addition, be ready for the challenges, and you will be rewarded with a best friend for life!

Where is the love, that rings through my ears over and over where is the love?

Well to all of you out there that give your all to your pets, for those who treat their pets like family, you know where the love is!  It’s sitting at your feet or on your lap as we speak! You are a special person to be able to give what so many others seems incapable of, simply put you give your time, love and loyalty, way to go! 



The battle in Denver rages on, a certain city councilmen may need a new job!

Michael Bernard Hancock, City Council President for the city of Denver, well the only thing I can say about you sir is that you have to be one of the most arrogant closed-minded people, and I can not believe the people of Denver would have ever put such a person in office. That just amazes me! For anyone that would like to send Slobodan Milosevic, I mean Michael an email to voice your opinions on BSL, here’s the link to contact the city dictator, or should I politically correct here and say just say councilman. 

David Edelstein, a very outspoken Pit bull advocate, has put together a very interesting series of videos, please check them out:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TY6Km6EqKE Pit Bull Hero’s

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SB5xn24pTg Rebuilding Americas Dog part 1

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vic5o3D_LRU Rebuilding Americas Dog part 2

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ms5WyWHXeg rebuilding Americas Dog part 3

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bES_shqOLww Breed Specific Laws,  just to name a few. All these videos can be viewed on youtube  as well.

 He is currently battling Denver, not the people, but the laws, the bias, and the hate, that targets the Pit Bulls, bully breeds, and Pit Mixes in Denver and across the country.  I have a great respect for David, his dogs, and their cause, but it should be “our” cause, a worldwide concern, because we are not just talking about banning breeds here we are talking about having rights removed, the right to choice, the right to life, these are things I take very seriously!

Denver has waged this war of the breeds for far too long, it’s time to stop the seizures of innocent dogs, and time end this death squad in its tracks please share these videos and pass these posts along, its one of the only ways to make people aware and to get others to stand up for these wonderful dogs who’s only crime was loving and placing their trust in us.

Show David and his “team” of dogs your support, one person can only do so much. That is not to say that he is the only one battling Denver’s ban and ridiculous laws but he is the only person doing so that I have had the pleasure to get to know and call friend.

Call or email Michael Hancock, and your local councilmen and women and say no to BSL and let your opinion be known.

Thank you!


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