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Nothing says love like……..

I find myself inundated with images and stories about dogs in shelters waiting to find homes, before paying a breeder, please consider adoption, there are many wonderful dogs just waiting to be saved, and they just might be the best decision you ever made.

Since I feel that there are many wonderful breeders out there that are respectable and honest, I will say there is absolutely nothing wrong with them, just be sure you do your homework and get references. However with that said as I say consider that there are millions of dogs in shelters all over the globe, in every state or province, not all she;ter dogs come with baggage, Dolly the Pit Bull is a shining example of what love and commitment will do for a dog!

I originally thought that we would get our next dog from a breeder, and maybe we will but only if we can’t find our match at a shelter and I find it hard to believe that there is not one dog, thats is perfect for our family already and waiting to come home with us. I will keep everyone posted as to the search. We do want a Pit Bull, hopefully 1-2 years old that is happy and loves kids, so we will see, any suggestions?

I see the things that go on for animals in our society and it pains me on the deepest levels, we consider pets as disposable, they are not! We see them as a burden, they are not! we see them as a creature without feelings, incapable of “our” emotions, they are not! Elephants can cry years after the loss of one of their heard, they will pass by where their loved one died and roll the bones under their feet and cry, that is not emotionless.

Monkeys will cry over their dead babies, and refused to let them go for days, letting out the most heartfelt and pain filled cries of anguish, so much so that you want to cry for them. Animals are not meant to be here solely for our entertainment, they have the right to be, just as we do.

So to me nothing says love like going outside to collect your mail, only to return to a dog greeting you as if you have been gone for months, that’s love people. I remember when hurricane Katrina rolled in, thousands of people forced to leave their pets, One man took the shirt off his back and tied it to his dog and wrote his cell number with a sharpie on it.

When the dog was found, it was months later, the shirt was ripped to shreds but the number remained, it was called and the dog returned, they showed the reunion on the news and even though all that time had passed I have never, ever in my life seen a dog so happy to see his “Daddy”. so remember when you decide to open up your life to a pet make sure you can give them the commitment they deserve, and love them.

Nothing says love like a wet sloppy kiss from a dog!

don’t all those wonderful dogs end up like this

Your new best friend is waiting, check out those shelters for some exceptional dogs, cats, birds!


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