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Urgent pit baby in need!!!!!!


The Manipulations and Attacks of Dogsbite.org

The mindset of Dogsbite is very closely related to that of Hitler, Yes you heard me right, Colleen Lynn commonly uses the media and public forums to spread propaganda in very much the same way as the old man himself! She uses lies, media manipulation, she has no real scientific data, what data she does have comes from google and college students that does not make her an expert. She regularly uses slander and malicious attacks on the character of individuals she sees as a direct threat. She passes herself off as a non profit organization when in reality it’s a lobbyist group, isn’t that’s fraud? Oh and Dogsbite no longer maintains they will use Donations to help victims (a little legal wrangling there), now they refer you to a trust set up usually by the victims themselves. So I stand corrected, from my last Dogsbite post. I guess too may people were hitting  up Dogbite to pay their bills. Not that they ever did, or at least there is no record of it available to the public.

She has spread out right lies about various anti BSL and pro pit bull organizations.  She claims Pit bull advocates use propaganda here is an excerpt: pit bull advocates will claim that a pit bull cannot be identified, (see mis identified below) that there is a “media conspiracy” (see media hype below), against pit bulls and that pit bulls are in fact “wiggle butts” who only want to “lick you to death.” Again more manipulation, way to go dogsbite! Dogsbite takes this snippet form a study done by Society & Animals Journal of Human-Animals Studies. Sounds impressive huh? Well don’t be too impressed it was a “scholarly article”, one definition of a scholarly article is: A scholarly article reports on original research or experimentation. It is written by a researcher or expert in the field who is often affiliated with a college or university.  It could have been put together by a student researcher,Well I’ll take that as gospel then! It states: that (pit owners)  “pass their dogs as breeds other than pit bulls, denying that their behavior is biologically determined, debunking adverse media coverage, using humor, emphasizing counter-stereotypical behavior, avoiding stereotypical equipment or accessories, taking preventive measures, or becoming breed ambassadors.”  the study refered to the Pit bull owner respondents, Well who did they interview? People from various walks of life, with varied social backgrounds? I’ll speak for myself here, I debunk the media hype, because other breeds are often misidentified as pit bull, biologically determined? come on! I have had dogs in my past from various environments, some abused and neglected, and anyone can deny the Environment theory, but I have seen these dogs flourish with the right environment, and NONE of them ever bit anyone!

For her or the authors of the “Article” to suggest that a pit owner makes a “breed ambassador” to deflect the negative reputation, please! Pit Bulls are not made “breed ambassadors” they either are or they are not, the ones that have the ultimate pit bull nature, that’s an ambassador, what would you call them? An ambassador is there to showcase the “true” temperament and nature of a pit bull, a dog that is complacent, easily handled, loving, and of stable mind. How would you describe a golden lab if they were made into fighting dogs Dogsbite? You have to remember that once all the pit bulls, and dojos, and cane corsos are gone a dog fighter will simply move to the next breed, until poodles are fighting dogs and made to be aggressive.

Will you pursue them with as much zest as you do the Pit Bull Dogsbite?  It is time for Dogsbite to put all those “donations” to good use and focus on legislation that will make owners responsible and accountable or face punishment. Not a ban that is aimed at the genocide of a breed. Will they do that? I highly doubt it, because Dogsbite is on a crusade to rid the world of Pit bulls, so focusing on owners instead of vindictive pursuits is not worth the time

On the Dogsbite website Ms. Lynn refers to a therapy dog that attacked an officer on horse back,  so I will debunk that one for you, the dog was a shelter dog trained by the woman herself not a professional dog trainer. Notice how she minimizes that part of the story. She is manipulating as usual, This woman is a narcissist that truly believes the lies that she puts out there, oh sure it all sounds good on a hate website but being able to shine people on doesn’t make the things she says true, a used car salesman will have a great pitch too but can they back it up?

She quotes specific cases of attacks and slanders the parties involved, there are good and bad people in absolutely every walk of life, some dog owners act responsibly, and some do not, but to suggest that all pit owners act the same or have the same mentality is beyond stupid and not even worthy of a retort.

People should be held accountable if their dog attacks an innocent person. For her to try to use the “don’t blame the dog” theory, against advocates saying we deflect the blame to the victims, I absolutely resent that!  I resent any implication that the majority of pit bull owners or advocates try to deflect responsibility, and news flash Colleen sometimes there are mitigating factors involved.

What we are saying is that each case is different, each dog is different, they need to looked at as individuals, but as for legislation, it needs to applied to all not just one breed, and there needs to be proof of wrong doing on the part of the dog and owner. If it takes DNA testing to prove a dog of a pit bull decent than so be it. That should clear that up Dogsbite! Records must also be kept.

We can do this dance all day, the old she said this and I will say that, the truth is I refuse to sit here and manipulate the facts I want this to be a forum where people can come to get the truth not propaganda, so I am not going to go into each and every single case she manipulates and try to break it down and get to the truth, I don’t have the time on my hands that Colleen has on hers. 

The point is that anyone can manipulate a situation or statements to their benefit, The media uses this Hype or tactic to gain viewers and readers all the time think about all breeds of dogs have stats on biting but when was the last time yu heard about the German Shepard or the golden lab that attacked and yet they do every year! I can break apart her website now and show people how misguided and manipulative she really is, the fact remains that no advocate is trying to portray these dogs as anything other than what they are, they are not demonic, and to correct Ms. Lynn the were not originally bred to fight other dogs, they were bred to control bull stock, then they were trained to fight them in a pit, thus the name Pit Bull. The fighting,  man did that, we changed them into that.

The truth is they became companion animals trusted with our children, and they did not abuse that trust. when a golden lab attacks a child what type of dog is that Dogsbite? Are they demonic or mistreated, neglected or confused? We are ultimately responsible for them, and I do not care what Colleen Lynn chooses to believe, but I do care about what she manipulates and lies about, I care because people like her get innocent dogs euthanized, banned, and removed from responsible loving homes.

Any dog can bite, any dog! I have not seen a well raised dog, a dog given proper training and socialization attack anyone, ever!  (see my earlier blog on stats) and you will get the picture.

Don’t believe everything you read or watch on TV talk to the professionals (Colleen Lynn is not, repeat not, a professional) and do your home work before you judge. Millions of happy pit bulls live peacefully with loving families without incident. that speaks volumes for me.


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