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The Fight for Dogs

The United States has made all fifty states make dog fighting illegal, so why is it that so many people (sports fans and celebu-junkies) still want to minimize the actions of people like Michael Vick?

I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that politicians in the United States and Canada want to euthanize and malign these dogs for the things that Vick and all the people like him have done to them. Nothing sells a paper or a headline like a good story about the spillage of blood. What does that say about us all? It says there is a significant blood lust, a primal need for carnage, that is unmistakable.  Have you ever watched the number of people who will crowd around an accident site?

It is this morbid need to see blood that has made dog fighting, and cock-fighting marketable. Granted anyone that can sit through something like that, well let’s just say I put their entire moral code into question, not to mention their sanity, but I guess that’s just me. 

It is and will be a constant fight now for advocates to win back the right to life for these dogs, to be our friends, to exist at all, and all because of the sub-culture of sewer dwellers, abusers and death peddlers that have infiltrated our society.

It is time people, time to take back our rights, time to use the Constitution for good not evil, and make right a horrible wrong that has been done, called BSL.  Please stand up, please let your voice be amoung those counted, take time on a day off to call your local Statesmen,  Mayor or Senator and make it know that you support “Responsibility” not “Breed Bans.”

Myself and all those like me who fight every single day to get the word out, to change the perceptions, to educate the youth, and who care for these lost souls that end up in rescues and shelters every day. We are tired of doing it alone, it takes many voices to be heard and only some time out of your day, everyone is busy but not everyone makes time to help.

Think about how very little you would actually have to give up to make a change. Do you think “It’s just a dog?”  Well Chris Rock thinks it’s” just a dog.” Michael Vick thinks “it’s just a dog.”  Create change and challenge the nay sayers. When you see someone else fighting the good fight stand behind them, support what they do.

It’s not just about losing a breed of dog, once we allow the government to take something like that away, our fundamental right to choice, their fundamental right to life, what else will they take?

If even one person has read this and it has made you think, made you change your mind than great! It’s a  job well done! I used to be someone who didn’t know what was going on, I had never heard of BSL, I tried to forget about dog fighting it was too ugly, too dark, but once all the facts became known to me I could no longer sit back and do nothing, say nothing, or continue to let it happen.

The dogs had suffered enough at the hands of man! I can’t let them be extinguished like a flame on a candle. They must be allowed to survive, if not…, then I am taken to an even darker place, where genocide is tolerated and disguised as being “for the public’s safety.”  That we can give up our rights. That is not the legacy I want to leave to my children! those are not the lessons I want them to learn! Do you?

Please join the fight for dogs, educate yourself on the facts and what is really going on, and take a stand! The Constitution basically states that “Those that have the power to act must do so in defense of those that do not!”

Thank you!


Wonderful PSA from a dogs eyes and heart!

I have posted this one before but it is very powerful! Please watch and share you may change some minds about Pit Bulls!


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