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Dog of The day is……..Djembe!

Todays special guy is going to look familiar, but I swear to you it is not yesterday’s dog Xara.

This boy’s name is Djembe it is pronounced (Gem-bay) he belongs to my friend Cris, Djembe was a rescue dog, Cris told me that he was dropped at the shelter because “he was not trainable” well Cris had him trained on basic commands within just a couple of weeks, so it just goes to show you that the things people say when they leave a pet at a shelter, don’t always turn out to be true!

This guy is quite a character his antics can be viewed on YouTube search “Mydogstube”, he has his own following now! way to go buddy!

Thanks to Cris for seeing potential where no one else did, and for giving this guy his forever and always home! Thanks Cris! 


“Rememberance Day” Our Soldiers, Police and Their Dogs, Oh The Sacrifices They Make.

I am posting this now because I want it to be circulated far and wide, I want it to reach  those brave men and women with their dogs of service. So please share the link. Thanks!

If you ever find yourself doubting our soldiers, our police officers, or their canine counter parts, fallen or still standing, and what they have to sacrifice every day to protect you and your Country, than you better sit down watch these and give thanks that you are in a position to sit home and judge in the first place! on this Remembrance Day be worthy of their devotion to protect you, to die for you, and honor them, respect them, remember them!






To all those who lay their lives on the line to keep me safe, to keep my children in a country full of liberties and freedoms, to keep terrorism and tyranny at bay, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you!

You have my utmost respect and I am very proud of you!  I hope this finds it way to each and every soldier in Iraq, Afghanistan, and in every country where conflict and tyranny exists, and where those soldiers are asked to serve, fight and possibly die, to keep all of us safe, and all of you free!

I only wish our politicians could honor them by standing up to terrorism and not bending to political pressure, to stand strong in the face of “Constitution Manipulators” and to not be afraid of hurting some feelings when it comes to what’s right and homeland security!

When I watch video footage or see photos of military coffins lined up in planes waiting to come home, all I can think of is that , those coffins are filled with somebody’s baby, brother, fiancée, wife or mother, husband, daddy, and best friend, that they will never get to hold again, kiss again, laugh with and watch grow old. I hope you think about that, I hope you feel respect and admiration in your heart because those coffins are filled with people who bravely fought when no one else would!

People who stood up and said, we will not creep quietly into the night, we will stay, we will fight, and we will keep our families safe. We will maintain freedom for one and all!  They are people who stand up in the face of criticism and disrespect, and do it all without the need for praise.

Sacrifice…..? Do you know what it is to sacrifice? until you do know whats its like to leave all that you know and love behind, knowing that you may never see it again, and to forge ahead anyway.., than you only think you know sacrifice!

policemen and women bravely go out and serve for the good of society as a whole and they could lose their lives on any given day, what thanks do they get? They get people whispering things like PIG under their breath or receiving disrespect by those that have no idea what commitment, and sacrifice really are.

Canines are used to aid both police and soldiers alike, they are not asked if they would like to do this, they are commanded to do so by their handlers, and they do it all, risking life and limb, and death, all because they love and want to please, because they have an inert sense of danger and want to protect.

That is sacrifice ladies and gentlemen so on this Remembrance Day think of them, think of them all, and give a moment of silence and respect!

thank you!


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