Dogsbite says;

According to any (they basically state that) any “Pit Bull Owner” is a gang banger, thug, and or otherwise unsavory individual.

Nice slam there “Colleen Lynn”  (not her real name!)  Speaking of unsavory types what would one call a person that silicates “DONATIONS”  to quote  “aid bite victims”, and then not only does not help one single bite victim with medical costs, lawyers, etc. that was not bit by a Pit Bull?  but also won’t publicise dog attacks from other breeds of dogs aside only Pit Bulls?  HHHMMM Colleen?

Case and point the million dollar medical bill one family incurred that made local and national news, You didn’t even post the info about the attack, why? Because it was not a Pit Bull! What would you call someone like that Colleen? would you call them a pillar of society or a parasite?

My vote is parasite! but that just my opinion, and my other opinion is you are a liar! you help get innocent dogs killed and destroy the families that love them, all because you were bitten.

Newsflash, I was bitten by a blue malemute when I was 3 years old, do I blame the dog? Do I hate all malemutes? Do I go on a campaign to rid society of all malemutes just because I had a bad experience with a badly abused and un-socialized dog?

NO!  I do not, but then again I am a rational person, colleen, someone who poseses a lovely little mental talent called logic, not a bitter, vindictive, fraud and a liar!

Dare I say it is safe to assume that you have carried those particular character traits with you since looooong before you were bitten by that dog.

So for public consumption I will share all these:

Sounds like she’s a real upstanding member of society there huh folks?

On behalf of every Pit Bull owner, and future owner I will say this; Do not ever speak as to the character of people you do not know, and whom you would never “Lower” yourself to get to know Ms. Lynn (again not her real name) you are a pathetic example of the human species, you hold every despicable character trait one human can possibly possess and you dare to suggest that every pit bull owner is scum? That’s like saying every African-American is a drug dealer, or every Caucasian is a racist.

You fail miserably at holding your own in any live interview I have ever seen or heard from you, and  you need a team of professional writers to bake up all your nonsense because you are not even smart enough to come up with your own myths and lies. what National Geographic issue are you going to rip this weeks photos from? why not google bear attacks and use those, people will surely buy that!

You are done dear, done like yesterdays news, busted buddy!

Have a great day Colleen and P.S.


About apitome

I am a mother, a pit bull advocate, but mostly I am just like any of you, I am passionate about politics, the environment and dog advocacy. I want possitive changes within the judicial system as well. I want my children to grow up in a country where we are not told what breed of dog we can own. I want to see BSL put in the trash where it belongs! I want to see the constitution protected but not manipulated *see anything on the mosque near ground zero (USA) or changing Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays (Canada)* I am not racist in any way shape or form against any ethnic group, I do however have prejudices against bad behavior! If you abuse our laws, kids, the elderly, or animals, If you move to a new country and then demand that country to change everything about it's laws & way of life to suit your own agenda, If you blatantly break those laws with no regard and show no repect for them, if you engage in dog fighting or any other forms of animal abuse, torture or neglect, or if you are a pedophile, Than yes! You are on my radar for sure, and I will do EVERYTHING within my power to see you stopped and brought to justice! Furthering that goal, I have no qualms about publishing the names and faces of convicted abusers. I am not trying to change the world, I simply want to see things improve not backslide, Mostly for my children and these wonderful dogs futures! I may say things you agree with, and I may say things that you won't agree with, I may anger you, challenge you, or just plain piss you off, but in my book that's ok as long as long as it inspires some form of action on your part. This is not a popularity contest, If I have said anything about a group or person that you don't agree with please feel free to leave a comment or simply don't come back. If You have been mentioned in my blog it is for one of two reasons, you are either an advocate or you are an abuser loser, if you are the latter I could care less what you think! I value the opinions of trash about as much as I do that of a slug! Everything in print here is a matter of public record, or came from a trusted source, with that said, I am certainly willing to print both sides of any story, in an effort to be fair and always print the truth! View all posts by apitome

2 responses to “Dogsbite says;

  • canddice

    i would like to see the comment that colleen left could u let me know where i can find it?

    • apitome

      The comments she has made about pit bull owners can be viewed from her site directly, she makes no bones about sterotyping owners on the website and youtube. keep in mind she changes those daily to avoid being sued for slander, and she has been made to remove some of the things she has said or face legal action, and they were removed!

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