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Just a thought!

 I am all for responsible ownership, and stipulations ie;

 License required,training required, socialization required, veterinary care required, but not breed specific, required for ALL breeds, even a poodle can bite! pet ownership comes with responsibility, with that said, stop wasting valuable resources on nonsense Bills and Bans and put it into a “responsibility act”

When Pit Bulls are Heros

There was a hero Pit Bull named Sebastian that I recently read about that saved a 6-year-old from an attack by a Rottweiler, he did not hesitate to step up and put himself between the rottweiler and the child. As a result of his bravery the boy survived the attack. Funny how that story did not make National headlines, but negative Pit bulls stories always do.

More inspirational pits; 

There are many, many more wonderful stories about American Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers, Bully Breeds, and Pit mixes, unfortunately, we don’t often hear these stories because the “Media Bias” that surrounds these dogs is intense and unwarranted, as a society we need to demand fairness to all breeds and put the stipulations where they belong, on their human counter parts!

We need to help these dogs by first, making sure when you buy or adopt these dogs you are fully prepared to give them a lifetime commitment. That means if you rent, don’t buy, don’t adopt, there are way too many dogs that end up in shelters and eventually are euthanized because they are surrendered due to unforseen events, like you have to move and your new apartment won’t allow pets! A pet is like a child, I have said this many times before, if you had a child would you surrender them because you don’t have time, money or further interest? We all know the answer is No! You would not and a pet deserves the same love and devotion. If they are willing to put themselves in the line of fire to save you, than you should give them that same respect.

Educating the youth of today is a major step in the right direction, show them what heroes Pit bulls are, and can be, if given the right training socialization and love. Show them that dog fighting is wrong and against the law, teach them that abuse, neglect, and abandonment are not an option, and we Will end BSL!

Hero’s come in all shapes and sizes but none come more willing to step up to the plate to defend, than a Pit Bull, they have proven even a complete stranger is worthy of their help and protection.

For that reason they will always be heroes to me!


Please help Hammy! (Hambone)

NEPA: Hambone is a complete ham! Let’s help this handsome guy find his forever home! PLS REPOST!!

by Pinups for Pitbulls, Inc. on Saturday, October 30, 2010 at 6:18pm

Hi…my name is Hambone. My foster dad gave me that name because ….I am a ham!! I am a rescued dog. I had a home once. I don’t know what happened. One day my person took me for a ride in the car and let me out on a sidewalk. When I wasn’t looking….he drove away. I am sure that he forgot me….I ran down the street and tried to tell him that I wasn’t in the car..but he just kept going. Some nice people saw me and didn’t want me to get hit by a car…so they gave me a place to hang out until someone could help me out of the jam I was in. Finally, I found a foster home and now they tell me that I have a rescue. I am going to the doctor’s to get my shots and to get neutered. I am not sure what that means but I guess it is something that has to get done. Anyway, I am a young dog, about a year and a half or so, and I have a lot of puppy energy. I would do well in a home with young, energetic people who could take me for long walks and play with me a lot. I do like to play fetch and I truly do enjoy a good belly rub!! I love people and do fine with older children. I am pretty good around other dogs with a proper introduction. I have to learn some manners but my foster dad promised to work on that! I should be ready for my “forever” home very soon. So, if you think that I sound like the right dog for you, please email Ken at kennychuck1@hotmail.com and ask for an adoption application for me….Hambone!! Thanks! 

Hambone is a great dog! He gets along just fine with the other two dogs in the foster home and he loves to swim in the pond!! He must think that he is a lab!! He should probably go to a home where there is, at least, one other dog since he does seem to enjoy their company so much. Hambone has been updated on his shots and has been neutered. He is crate trained and housebroken. He is ready to go home with you today!! Please put your application in on this handsome young man! Hambone is located in Northeast Pa.




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