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Update on Britta!

She’s an angel without disguise! and thanks to Rob Najuch, he adopted Britta, she now goes by the name Yogi, thank you Rob you are a very special person, to rush out and save this wonderful gal, good luck and thank you for being Yogi’s for ever and always home!

Dog of the day!

Today’s wonderful addition comes to us from Nailin Baker, her dog Ebony is just about the cutest Lil’ girl I have seen, wouldn’t you say so?

Just look at her in her home and yard, and just like Mr. Romeo before her, she comes from a loving and happy home, love and kindness produce dogs like that !

Friend of stu has info please share!

Stu is very sick and needs all and any help he can get,
A lady in New Jersey started the Facebook page recent to help.
She just left Jeff know, am sure he appreciates anything you can do. It is urgent Stu get vet care now. Without the attention from people like you and I they officials will left in die.

Have watched this guy for 3 years fight to save his dog.
He was willing to do anything to save his dogs life.
Can not imagine his daily pain for years.
Knowing where your loved one is and not being able to help them.
Inhumane of our own law system 😦

Owners info at-
Stu (Jeffrey DelaRosa) | MySpace

Free Stu Now

please share far & wide, this could be any of us.

Save Stu

Dixie Hillbert ‘End Bsl’ shared a link.

Listen to AUDIO of Stu’s Dad addressing the Animal Services Board of Commissioners on Stu’s Law- October 26, 2010

Length: 3:06

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