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Reality Bites! or maybe it Kisses!

And you say we should be afraid of them?  Maybe you should see why they have more reason to be afraid of us!!!!!!! maybe they should ban us! this is why I like animals more than people, because they don’t do things just for the pleasure of seeing pain!

These are NOT the images of pit bulls and their loving families, these are images of dogs that have been repeatedly and systematically abused and neglected, let down by a system that chooses to place it focus on non-effective BSL legislation that exists only to bring punishment and death to the wrong parties, and in the end accomplishes nothing! When I look at the picture of all the euthanized pit bulls I think of every loving family that had their dog ripped from them and destroyed, and every dog that suffered unspeakable abuse, and nobody cared enough to help, every dog fighter has a neighbour or friend that knows whats going on!
I am to the point where the more research I do the more lies and absolute untruths I see. Very few positive Pit stories hit the news, cause nice doesn’t sell papers!  A man recently said to me the thought of a world with pits in it would be hell and they should all be shot!, well to you sir I say this; I don’t believe in hell, but if I did I would think of it as a horrible dark place filled with people like you, who were cruel to animals and devoid of all compassion or the ability to see beauty in all creatures great and small. I feel sorry for you, maybe you were the kid whose parents never let you know the unconditional love only a dog can give his family.
when I think of Pit Bulls these are the images I see:
that’s all the reality I need to see!  Pit Bulls the way they are meant to be, happy and loved. America’s Hero called and he wants his title back, his honor back and everything else we stole from them by allowing monsters to stand at the other end of their leash and did nothing about it, until it was too late!
But it’s not too late to change things, to end BSL and give those dogs back the right to life, to once more become “The Nanny Dog” or “The Hero” or “The Therapy Dog” we all know they are and have always been meant to be.

You think you know dog fighting?

Thanks to Diane Jessup for all you do to end this horrific sport and bring awareness, education is key!

Diane’s site

Until Law Makers focus on the real problem, nothing will change for these dogs, for innocent people who cross paths with a badly neglected and abused dog, pit bull or otherwise!

Please take some interest, enough to contact your local Senator and say no to BSL and yes to stronger punishments for fighters and abusers!


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