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Meet Bart


Ador-a-BULL OF TE WEEK: Meet BART (ID# 879858)!! I have been told by SO MANY wonderful shelter volunteers that THIS BOY IS AMAZING! While BNB has not met BART, we are told that this 2-year-old baby has GREAT MANNERS ON THE LEASH and is VERY SWEET NATURED, A “PEOPLE DOG”, AFFECTIONATE, CALM and received a wonderful score of “MILD” o…n his behavior test. With a face that looks very much like a Boxer (but all-black! so unique!), BART is a 51 pound show-stopper with both his handsome looks and his loving, affectionate personality 🙂 This poor baby is already coughing, which would indicate that he has an upper respiratory infection and is very, very close to being added to the euthanasia list. To quote a shelter volunteer who has spent time with BART, “Bart deserves a second chance at life. He’s too nice of a dog to get wasted. I’ll be praying for him…” BNB Family – LET’S GET BARTY-BOY OUT OF THE SHELTER AND INTO A LOVING HOME ASAP! He is located at the Manhattan Animal Care and Control (326 110th Street) in NYC. Please let us know ASAP or call the shelter directly (212-788-4000) if you are interested in adopting PRECIOUS BART! Please cross-post! THANK YOU! Bio below:
A volunteer wrote: Bart is a people dog. For him, it is all about us. He looks up constantly as we are walking making sure I’m tuned in to him. He actually stops walking, steps in front of me and asks to be petted. He is so affectionate; his time with his human companion is more important then anything else to him. He is great on the leash – no pulling at all. And, since he weighs 51 pounds it was wonderful to be able to walk him so effortlessly. Bart appears housetrained, sits on command and is just gorgeous. Someone took very good care of him before he was found as a stray. Bart has a boxer face, so somewhere in his lineage is a boxer; this may also have given him his height. Our behaviorist rated him a rock star MILD, and his calm, sweet, gentle and quiet personality confirms all his test scores. Don’t let this fabulous dog sit in a kennel for too long, it will be your loss. Come meet Bart today!See More

Jimmy’s Story

This may be hard to read but please check out Jimmys story he needs all the help and love he can get!

Jimmy’s Journey

This just shows the amazing capability these dogs have to bounce back from horrific abuse and still offer love to us humans!

Still think it’s the Pit Bull that’s bad? If you do it’s more about your prejudices than it is about them.

This is in honor of all the wonderful people who have saved Jimmy’s life and continue to help make him better! you all should be very proud of what you have done so far and the love you have a given a dog that “others” would have thrown away.

Thank you!


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