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Good News for Pit Bulls Bad News for Dog Fighters!

This is a very interesting idea, please see following:


I have to ask again if they can use a Canine DNA data base to go after a criminal, why can’t we use it to determine breed type upon arrival at a shelter. When a dog seized it should be mandatory to verify breed type, (see my post on pit bull attack stats), why the dog is there ie, attacks surrender, lost, and if they dog had to be euthanized and why. This could pave the way for ending misidentified dogs, and it would tip BSL on its ass so to speak. It should never be an “Option” to record this information, without it there is no way to determine the real facts on pit bull cases.

Just a thought.


DBO…, Don’t go away mad….. just go away!


SIGH …..,well never in my life have I seen a single person that is filled to the point of spillage, with as much anger, hatred, venom, lies, denial, and lust (for money) as Ms. Colleen Lynn. I don’t know about you but when I was growing up my grandpa told me anyone that reacts with the highest levels of anger and hatred, well you hit a nerve there and something is desperately wrong with that person!

A friend I met on YouTube that goes by the screen name FUzupf, is just amazing!  He has compiled a collection of this womans stupidity and Bull Shit like you would not believe. I am so glad I met you dude and thank you! Personally I am glad you are out there my friend, you bring the voice of reason back to a room that she has infected with Bile and hate.

So in honor of your latest video, I thought I would share it with my readers, I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!



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