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Well, well, well, very interesting! additional info added.

 According to the health department, in 2009, Pittsburgh and Allegheny County had;

 47 non-Pit Bull dog attacks that required hospitalization or medical treatment. NONE of them were reported in the papers/media. Why is there NO media coverage of non-Pit Bull incidents???????

 Answer: Because those stories don’t sell the fear like a good bully story!

here’s some stats the correlation between animal cruelty and violent crime please read this article by the humane society. and this excellent post by veterinary rescuer, a wonderful blog, great work VR!


It’s The Start Of Something Good.

Well folks it’s only two days away from National Pit Bull Awareness Day, I hope you will consider taking advantage of the day to learn more about Pit Bulls, or simply to support them.

My hope in writing this particular blog is that everyone will take the time to get educated on the breed. I hope I can do what the media can’t, which is give you the truth. I also hope that eventually I can upgrade this blog to be able to do real justice to APBT’s, bully’s, and pit mixes. to save the lives of these dogs through education and end BSL once and for all!

Please check out nationalpitbullawarnessday.com for details by state. Also try checking into your town’s event calendar, they may have an awareness event right in your back yard so to speak.

Also check this out; pittypalooza.com Brilliant! love it!

In closing today just remember that talking about, sharing your stories if you are a parent to a pit bull, getting educated about the breed, and learning how you can fight BSL in your state are the best ways to save these fabulous dogs. Please remember if you are looking to adopt a dog, pit bulls make wonderful additions to a responsible family, so check out your local shelter for them, but do not adopt on impulse please these dogs need serious responsible families only, most of them have been through enough disapointments already, dogs were not meant to live in cages, they were meant to live with loving families.

It doesn’t have to end with just a day, make everyday awareness day! Do your part and enjoy it every step of the way! It will be the start of something good!

thank you



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