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Just a dog Part 2…. a video, a PSA, and some shout outs!

HHMMMM? “Just a dog”…., and what if someone or something ever said “Oh well, who cares, it’s just a human!”
Think about that the next time you say “it’s just.”
It’s just what?  Just not worthy of your empathy, your respect, your care, your time or concern?  How in-human can you get?
Special thanks to, Joeyblondewolf2, Erica Daniels aka Dolly The Pit Bull’s mom and Peace For Dogs for their YouTube  and commercial contributions.
To Pitbulls Are Great Dogs Some Just Have Bad Owners2 (faceboook) Dolly herself, as ambassadog for her breed, to David with Team Pit-A-Full, and to all the supporters:
 jjclimcon, MrHippycris, mydogstube, amluvmusic24, TheDCRock, and all the others I have come to know but don’t have the space to mention, sorry and MWAH!
To all those I have met that have shared their knowledge freely, given of their time willing and with a genuine want to help, thanks!
To the  American Pit Bull Terriers of the world, you are the reason I started this in the first place!
For anyone who reads this and watches these videos, if you ever think about them again, if you share them and talk about them with others than my job, the video creators job,
 is done and it was worth it,  so thanks to you as well! 
 That is paying it forward, pushing the truth out to the forefront, making people see what has been there all along, “Just a dog” and we are all “Just a human”

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