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One small step for puppies.

Today The Richmond Review announced that In my home town (Richmond B.C., Canada) we will be enacting a bylaw that prohibits the sale of dogs from store fronts, ie, my biggest nemesis “The Pet Store”

Effective April 30, 2011. The bylaw proponents feel  that this ban will limit and hopefully decrease impulse buys and reduce the amount of dogs bred in inhumane conditions and without proper health care.

Now I’m sure you are telling yourself that these measures are not going to end puppy mills, and to an extent you would be right, but it is a first step in the direction of what is right. It also sends the message to puppy mills, that the way they conduct themselves will not be tolerated by our city. I believe that our city counsellors are correct, this will give people a push towards adoption, and in doing so they will be saving precious lives that needed to be saved. THANK YOU!

As I have said before for me I do not have a problem with responsible breeders, I have a problem with breeders that let their animals live in or around filth, ones that do not place the animals best interests paramount over the dime they will make from them, and breeders that have no idea what nutrition those animals require, or lastly ones that will allow a female to produce litter after littler after litter and if this bylaw in any way slows and eventually stops those practices that than I am a happy camper! The SPCA in is full support of tha ban.

There are three local pet stores that will feel the crunch of this bill Pets Wonderland, PJ”s Pets, and Pet Habitat. I have personally seen the animals at PJ’s and when I was there they “seemed” to be in good health, I am not a vet and i am not placing any accusations on that establishment. I have never visited Pets wonderland, but Pet Habitat in my opinion has had dogs there with chronic eye problems. The coats of the dogs are in poor condition, and the cages are more often than not covered in old sometimes dried excrement. This is what sums up a pet store for me! I have never liked them and never will.

The article says that Coun. Sue Halsey-Brandt feel people will be able to get specialty breeds from shelters. I feel that breeders will always be a neccesity in terms of specialty, or specific breeds, but to a select group not the masses.

Pet stores from and around the city  spoke before council to try to sway opinion on the ban or kill it all together, and Robert Church from the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council feels the city council is making a huge mistake. Well that may or may not be but at least I (A member of the public) will not have to look at one more suspiciously ill-looking dog and think that sucks! 

Personally I think this is one of the best decisions they have made in recent years in terms of animal commerce, finally someone is placing the welfare of animals above that of the publics wants and over the greed of unscrupulous peddlers and breeders.

I am once again proud to live in Richmond!


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