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Dogsbite.org…., oh dear sweet fraudulent Dogsbite.org

Upon viewing Dogsbite’s website one thing has become abundantly clear, what does Colleen Lynn (Not her real name by the way) really care about?  It’s a little tiny thing called a “Donate Now” Button! you will see that little, tiny button all over every page on Dogsbite’s site.

Colleen says the money goes to lobbing, and to aid bite victims, well there has not been one bite victim the news, even on her site that she has aided! not one!

She refers to Pro Pit Propaganda all the time, and to that I say this…. if you want to see lies and propaganda, there is nothing but on every site she plasters herself on, like  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, you name it. I would think that if one wanted to seem credible, than one should avoid doing this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjUeIao3Imo or this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geuj0pNH0es 

Call me Colleen Lynn ooopps! I mean crazy, but  I’m smelling the odor of revenge here not a want to help, Much like little Ingrid of PETA fame, It looks to me like Miss Lynn aka what ever her real name is, likes media attention and money more than helping anyone. 

Did you know that when a friend of mine tried to research through (The Freedom of Information Act)  Where the donations are spent, there was next to nothing, and what was there was Fishy at best , you see you can’t search through her because Colleen Lynn is not a real person therefore has no social security number, etc., Sounds a bit suspect to me, at least little miss Ingrid uses her real name!

When Dogsbite put together a presentation for their website about Pit Bull attacks, they used photos pulled from google images, and most of them were shark attack victims not Pit Bulls at all! Again it sounds more than a little suspect but that’s just me. You see I look for the best in people but often you can count on seeing their worst, case and point Miss Lynn! 

When Dogsbite put up statistics about Pit Bull bites what they neglected to tell the public was that  the majority of those stats could not be verified as Pit Bull at all because quite often when Animal Control is brought on scene they have said many dog bites turn out to be misidentified as Pit Bull.  Now Colleen knew this but to admit that doesn’t keep the fear mongering going now does it? 

For the public just be aware that as I have stated before, always see it for yourself, do some research of your own before you believe an overzealous media or the queen of all things incorrect Colleen Lynn!

On the upshot she should take care of herself I figure that another couple of radio shows like that one and she will have dumpstered herself into oblivion!


Update on Bear!

Hello BNB Family! Remember BEAR?! Well, we have some wonderful news about this cutie pie – HE WAS ADOPTED TODAY!! YAAAAY!! We are so thrilled for this sweet teddy-BEAR, who captured the hearts of so many shelter volunteers with his kind eyes and gigantic pittie smile =) May BEAR never, EVER see the inside of a shelter again!!! We wish this boy a long, safe, and happy life filled with treats, long walks in the park, and LOVE, LOVE, and MORE LOVE! ♥

Great Pitbull Resources

I would like to thank everyone for their patients over the last couple of days, its been crazy here, but I do have some info to share with you all, something to put forth on behalf of National Pit Bull Awareness Day.

I would first like to thank  Drayton Michaels for generously allowing me to add his link to my site, Drayton also sent me a copy of his video, “The Pit Bull Hoax” and I really have to say that this video is sheer genius! Thank you very much Drayton for showing us the “real deal” and for saying all the things that needed to be said!

I love anything that will perpetuate change in the perceptions that people have about this breed!

Now, here are some excellent links for Canadian Pit Bull families, advocates, fanciers, or really anyone that just wants to get the straight scoop.

Canadian sites;


http://hugabull.com/ (A personal favorite of mine)


http://pitbullsforlife.com/ and


There are many more so please check them out and you can always find a vast majority on the internet , your local library, or your local shelter should be more than willing to aid in your search, but please remember that I am always here to hunt down any and all info you may need I want you all to understand how very important accurate information is.

So many myths and in some cases outright lies are put forth, mostly by media outlets that can’t take the time to do their research, and often by people like you and I except that those people  hear and repeat the things they have heard and often times do not even realize it is inaccurate.

I am currently working on some euthanasia stats but I have not completed that post yet but as soon as I am done I will post it. I did not mention American sites because if you look back on my last post I did list them there.

I can only say that I am trying to realize a dream here and the dream is a simple one, a time when the government morons do not tell me, which dog i as a responsible human being can own, and or which breeds will be allowed to live in my city and which will not, look tome BSL is genocide plain and simple call it extreme if you like but, what other label can you give the systematic elimination of an entire race or breed?

We as humans seem to think it is our given right to decide the fate of all living things on this planet, well let me just say this, if I had a pod of dolphins swim through my back yard tomorrow, if my children needed to be fed, I will not lie I would kill and eat one. Would I take it upon myself to slaughter thousands every year? NEVER! (don’t even get me started on the mercury levels) I could go on forever!

When the wolf populations in this country get too high we consider it necessary to “Cull” the herd, but yet we will allow our own race to get totally and completely out of control, does that sound even remotely logical to you?

We need to realize that we do not have the right to control this planet in such a completely inappropriate and irresponsible manner. We also need to learn our place! we are one species out of billions living on this planet, some we have yet to lay eyes on but they live none the less.

As Canadians we have allowed animal butchery and abuse to become a tourist treat, I have seen abuse on a scale that would make some people sick, how and why? I got smart, got educated because i could no longer sit with my head tucked in the sand and pretend these things are not happening. They are , and I cannot sit idly by while it does!

In and attempt to give out as much as I can in terms of info for October 23 2010, please check out all the different sites, they are a wealth of information, and information is power, knowledge is power!

Again I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for listening, and reading this blog, you have made the first step an easy one for me, your support is deeply appreciated!


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