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Have you seen me lately?

Have you seen me when you walk down the street? When you moved your hand away because I tried to sniff it? You see, I have no home, and no one to love me. You looked friendly and I felt safe when our eyes met even for just a moment, but I guess you just  didn’t want to see, you looked away, was it because I am a Pit Bull?.

Have you seen all the dogs, cats,and critters, all waiting for their chance at the elusive “forever home”. My first owner( I hate that word!), said he would take care of me forever, but I got sick, and needed shots and food, his time, and his love, but I became a Burden. When we walked in, I thought he forgot something in the truck, but he got in and drove away and never even looked back at me! What did I do? I guess he just didn’t see all the love I had for him. Was it because I am a Pit Bull?

Many of us never know what a” Forever Home” is. However we become very accustomed to hunger, sickness, loneliness, fear, cold and all to often death. Some end up in shelters where lots of people come by but they all want Puppies, not dogs. In the end we die alone not truly knowing, love comfort, a pat on the head every night or a cuddle in your bed. Why is it they turn their heads when they walk by? They never look at me, are they are scared of me?  Why? I try my best to show them my “Wiggle Butt!”  Why don’t they see? Is it because I am a Pit Bull?

Have you seen me? When you know in your heart what your neighbour does with his dogs in his big back yard is wrong! and yet you do not help, instead you turn your music or your TV up and try to block out the sound, That sound! I hate the sound of other dogs barking menacingly like that! I remember all to well what that sound means for dogs like me, why don’t you see? Even when it gets so bad you watch him put big plastic bags in his truck and drive away, he never brings those bags back. Where does he take those anyway? Still you pretend not to see? I don’t understand some humans! Why do they hate Pitbulls so much? when will they see?

My name is…, oh right I don’t have a name, I used to be called “HEY!” what ever that means, I was a bait dog, but I got so scared of the other dogs I tried to run away, I was caught by this horrible man, he beat me and tied me up, but I am a survivor! I got away!

Now, I just sit here, every day waiting for someone to come, to see, to see me and the love I have. The worth I have inside me, my basic value of a life. Have you seen me lately?

What? Wait, that was a look! She’s coming this way! She will turn away, she will not see me, they never see me! I am a Pit Bull and I have no home. OH! “Wiggle Butt, Wiggle Butt!” She is coming right this way, she’s even looking right at me and smiling, she will see me!

Ahhh! a pat and a scratch, in just the right spot! Food! I love food! She wants me to come, OK!

 This is a nice car! It is warm in here! Better than outside! Winter is coming, I know it’s coming when I can see my own breath!  I hate winter!

A house! She wants me to come inside! YEAH! “Wiggle Butt, Wiggle Butt!” She wants me to stay? She just gave me something called a “Bath” I liked it!

A shiny pink bowl! Is this what love feels like? If so I like it!

She keeps saying something I do not know, I don’t know what a “Vet” is but it sounds like fun!  She saw me! She saw me! I am not invisible to her! I am a Pit Bull!  She even gave me a name! She calls me Cali! I like it! She says it’s because I am golden like the California sunrise!

I was seen today! Who have you seen lately?

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