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The Family Dog!

The family dog is without a doubt the unsung hero of the household, the one that gets blamed for the missing food from our plates, when we all know deep down inside it was the cat! I have been on to you for some time now Mr. Wiskers!

 The one we tell our friends just cut that cheese, and the one we make go get the paper when it’s raining and the paper boy deliberately hurled it into the puddle at the farthest end of the driveway, thanks a lot Kevin!

Man’s best friend! I always objected to that saying, Yes! I’m a woman, but not a bra burner so relax guys! Man’s best friend the one member of the home that silently sits guard over his or her precious assets, plays nanny to your our kids, or our neighbours kids, or our nieces and nephews, you get the picture, and never once asks for anything more than a simple pat on the head or occasional belly rub.

These boys and girls are like little scouts pledged to uphold the integrity of the home at all costs! and they do! Everyday! Who do you think tells the mailman he had better watch his step, literally!

Come on! we all know mailmen are weird!  They wear knee highs and carry big blue purses, what’s not weird about that? No wonder dogs bark! I would too! and have, that doesn’t leave this blog people!

And for this I will say, of all the animals on earth, I worship the dog, for these reasons and many, many, more!

The pitbull most of all because they embody all the greatest qualities in a dog, faithfulness, loyalty, courage, patients, humour, that’s right I said humour, (if you don’t believe that watch your dog a little more closely and you will see it) and most of all the willingness to love us unconditionally, nothing and no one will do that except a dog. We all know humans may say there are no conditions but deep, deep down there are!

So ladies and gentlemen, please take a moment and give your dog the appreciation they deserve, because the expression “Got your back”  It had to have come from a dog owner, only this group of “blessed individuals” really knows what that means!

To Xara, the worlds greatest dog, long suffering child toy, patient waiter of treats, defender of the front porch, and the one that cares for those that forget there was a head to be scratched down here! Uncle Maxx this means you!

The smartest dog I have ever met, I love you!  This is for you my girl, may we have you in our lives for another 11 years! I can’t imagine life without you!


-The one that forgets the leave the lid up-

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