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From the desk of “Bruised Not Broken” they are a wonderful organization!

MEET PATCHES (ID# A874862)!! I have been asked by SO MANY devoted shelter volunteers to post this little lady, and once I saw her photos and read her “story”, I immediately understood why! PATCHES is a little female pittie mix (only 56lbs) who is described by those who have met her as being GENTLE, SWEET, SENSITIVE, AFFECTIONATE an…d…sadly…scared 😦 She apparently lays quietly in her kennel with her face leaning against the cage, BEGGING people with her eyes to show her some love and to GET HER OUT. SHE CURRENTLY SITS ON DEATH ROW AND NEEDS TO BE SAVED – So if interested in ADOPTING her, please let us know ASAP or CALL THE SHELTER (212-788-4000). PLEASE CROSS-POST! Thank you! Bio below:
A volunteer writes: Do you ever feel your heart just break in two when you look at a dog who is far too sweet and far too sensitive to be in a kennel? Patches is that girl. She leans against the bars of her kennel sad and depressed, still trying to figure it all out. Once out her tail wags, she is friendly and affectionate, gentle and sweet. Patches was quietly huddled up at the front of the kennel imploring me with her eyes to take her out. Irresistible and out we went!! Patches, so named because she is white and brown (like a pinto horse) has thick gorgeous fur . She was clearly taken care of at some point in her life. She is super friendly, and all 56 pounds of her never stops wagging her tail! She likes to sit on her human’s lap and give, and get!!, hugs and kisses. She was rated Mild by our behaviorist confirming my impressions of her. She is a fun girl who sits on command, takes treats very gently, and just wants to enjoy the world. Won’t you be her hero and show her what a wonderful home feels like? If you can’t bring a treat along to give to her, we’ll supply one! PLEASE come meet Patches, take her for a walk and get to know this little girl who cannot and should not spend another day in a cage.See More PATCHES (ID# A874862)!!

Tyson’s story, may we make sure others do not suffer his fate

This is the story of Tyson, this post was originally done on youtube and facebook. I borrowed this post to share it so this doesn’t happen to another one of “THOSE DOGS”

May I also add that I can only assume Providence Animal Control has no idea what cruelty to animals really means, or they wouldn’t have opted to kill an innocent dog! Senior Animals Control Officer Dave Holden and Animal Control Officer Michael Disano you should be ashamed!

 If it had been a golden retriever you found I bet he would have been there the next day.


Random quotes for a rainy “Monday” Did I mention I hate rain, and Mondays.

A wise man can pick up a grain of sand and envision the entire universe, but a stupid man will go to the beach , roll around in some seaweed and jump up and say “Hey!” “I’m vineman!” -Jack Handey-

Beware of dog!  The cat can’t be trusted either! -Unknown-

“Dogs feel very strongly that they should always go with you in the car, in case the need should arise for them to bark violently at nothing right in your ear” thanks for the great quote Mr. Dave Barry.

Dogs are the only creatures on earth, that will place their lives, their safety, in jeopardy for the humans they love.

The least we can do is to stand up for them and ensure their safety! Say no to BSL! -Anonymous-

The Greater your capacity for love, the greater your capacity to feel pain. -Jennifer Aniston- (Sounds like a pitbulls heart to me)

Peace is not the absence of war but the presence of justice. -Harrison Ford-

when I’m hungry, I eat! When I’m thirsty, I drink! When I feel like saying something, I say it! -Madonna-

Women can fake orgasms, men can fake whole relationships. -Sharon Stone-

 Sorry for that last one guys!

Well I hope this has started your “monday” (Yuck) off right, have a great day people!

PSA; Monsters are real but it’s not who you think

A Look into what it is like to be an unloved dog. We think that the dog is the monster, but I’m not so sure and it makes me re-evaluate my species.


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